1. Jasmine Surreal

    Cover version of Every Day Is Like Sunday (When You're Shielding) Covid19 cover

    Everyday Is Like Sunday (When You're Shielding) Covid19 cover version
  2. E

    Hannah Hirsch - “Åt helvete” (striking resemblance to “Nowhere Fast”)

    Just picked up this record from Reckless on Berwick St., London this afternoon for £2... for no reason other than I like Scandinavian music and this seemed the sort of edgy sleeve-art likely to hold a record I’d like... Anyways, long story short - according to Discogs, this is German vinyl...
  3. Soozn

    No One Can Hold a Candle to You mp3?

    Does anyone have a link for Moz’s cover of No One Can Hold a Candle To You? I’ve looked through as many past threads as I can find and not a single link works anymore. (I had one that I converted from a youtube video with some shady software but I’m having computer/iTunes issues and I’m not...
  4. Gaetano

    Favourite Cover of a Morrissey/Smiths Song?

    What is your favourite cover of a Morrissey or Smiths song? Mine would probably be The Killers' version of "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself". :)
  5. dirtee rephlex

    "Please, Please, Please..." cover by Puggy & Aline On The Roof

    "Please please please let me get what I want" cover by belgian TV show participant Aline On The Roof and belgian band Puggy : ALICE ON THE ROOF REPREND THE SMITHS EN COMPAGNIE DE PUGGY - Aficia
  6. jessesamuel

    TMS Hearts Moz covers

    Hello! It seems like the Web has been virtually scrubbed clean of the tracks from the TMS Hearts Moz covers "album." I can find a few tracks of questionable quality here and there. But can anyone provide me with all 20 tracks in reasonably high quality? There is a thread from 2009 on this...
  7. Sarcasmos

    Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover (snippet) "That Joke..." live

    Guitarist Josh Klinghoffer tries to perform 'That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore' but messes up.
  8. Y

    Our version of "London"

    This is our home made version of the Smiths' song: Hope you like it! You Are The Cake
  9. fourphonica

    The First Ever Crowd-Made The Smiths Cover

    Hey everyone, We are happy to announce this great new project – the first ever crowd-made cover of There Is a Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths. #Songblitz will run until 23 November where you have the chance to send your vocals to be featured in the song and star in the music video. The...
  10. N

    Love Is a Losing Game - cover

    Hey everyone, I've done a lot of Morrissey covers in the past and posted them on this forum and i've just covered Amy Winehouse's 'Love Is a Losing Game' thought you might like to take a look on the off chance that you're extremely bored! :)
  11. Elvez

    Free DL only today:Ryan Darton & The Wildebeast-I Am A Moth

    this is one of my mates who i mentioned a little while ago. he's offering a free/legal digital download of his debut album only for today. the cover below is not on the album but it's a sampling of his voice, because we all know voice and lyrics are the most important :cool: definitely worth...
  12. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band (9/28 @ San Francisco, CA) -- MY LAST SHOW! [email protected] Well guys, this is my final show with This Charming Band. If you're anywhere near San Francisco, and you've ever been curious, this is your last chance. Once I leave, it's all downhill. :)
  13. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band (7/14 @ San Francisco, CA) [email protected]
  14. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band (6/30 @ San Jose, CA) [email protected]
  15. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band (6/22 @ Portland, 6/23 @ Seattle) [email protected]
  16. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band (6/15 @ Reseda, 6/16 @ Riverside) [email protected]
  17. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band with **THE POLECATS** (6/7 @ Oakland, CA) [email protected]
  18. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band (5/18 @ Santa Cruz, 5/19 @ San Francisco) [email protected]
  19. M

    Morrissey's song cover from Argentine band

    This is "The last of the famous international playboy", recorded by an Argentine band called Dias Felices. I found this recorded in 2007, and I think is a good version. You can listen to it here in lastfm The band...
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