1. Jasmine Surreal

    Cover version of Every Day Is Like Sunday (When You're Shielding) Covid19 cover

    Everyday Is Like Sunday (When You're Shielding) Covid19 cover version
  2. E

    Hannah Hirsch - “Åt helvete” (striking resemblance to “Nowhere Fast”)

    Just picked up this record from Reckless on Berwick St., London this afternoon for £2... for no reason other than I like Scandinavian music and this seemed the sort of edgy sleeve-art likely to hold a record I’d like... Anyways, long story short - according to Discogs, this is German vinyl...
  3. Soozn

    No One Can Hold a Candle to You mp3?

    Does anyone have a link for Moz’s cover of No One Can Hold a Candle To You? I’ve looked through as many past threads as I can find and not a single link works anymore. (I had one that I converted from a youtube video with some shady software but I’m having computer/iTunes issues and I’m not...
  4. Gaetano

    Favourite Cover of a Morrissey/Smiths Song?

    What is your favourite cover of a Morrissey or Smiths song? Mine would probably be The Killers' version of "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself". :)
  5. dirtee rephlex

    "Please, Please, Please..." cover by Puggy & Aline On The Roof

    "Please please please let me get what I want" cover by belgian TV show participant Aline On The Roof and belgian band Puggy : ALICE ON THE ROOF REPREND THE SMITHS EN COMPAGNIE DE PUGGY - Aficia
  6. jessesamuel

    TMS Hearts Moz covers

    Hello! It seems like the Web has been virtually scrubbed clean of the tracks from the TMS Hearts Moz covers "album." I can find a few tracks of questionable quality here and there. But can anyone provide me with all 20 tracks in reasonably high quality? There is a thread from 2009 on this...
  7. S

    Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover (snippet) "That Joke..." live

    Guitarist Josh Klinghoffer tries to perform 'That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore' but messes up.
  8. Y

    Our version of "London"

    This is our home made version of the Smiths' song: Hope you like it! You Are The Cake
  9. fourphonica

    The First Ever Crowd-Made The Smiths Cover

    Hey everyone, We are happy to announce this great new project – the first ever crowd-made cover of There Is a Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths. #Songblitz will run until 23 November where you have the chance to send your vocals to be featured in the song and star in the music video. The...
  10. N

    Love Is a Losing Game - cover

    Hey everyone, I've done a lot of Morrissey covers in the past and posted them on this forum and i've just covered Amy Winehouse's 'Love Is a Losing Game' thought you might like to take a look on the off chance that you're extremely bored! :)
  11. Elvez

    Free DL only today:Ryan Darton & The Wildebeast-I Am A Moth

    this is one of my mates who i mentioned a little while ago. he's offering a free/legal digital download of his debut album only for today. the cover below is not on the album but it's a sampling of his voice, because we all know voice and lyrics are the most important :cool: definitely worth...
  12. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band (9/28 @ San Francisco, CA) -- MY LAST SHOW! TCB@Facebook Well guys, this is my final show with This Charming Band. If you're anywhere near San Francisco, and you've ever been curious, this is your last chance. Once I leave, it's all downhill. :)
  13. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band (8/17 @ San Jose, CA) -- Your Arsenal Anniversary Show! TCB@Facebook
  14. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band (7/14 @ San Francisco, CA) TCB@Facebook
  15. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band (6/30 @ San Jose, CA) TCB@Facebook
  16. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band (6/22 @ Portland, 6/23 @ Seattle) TCB@Facebook
  17. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band (6/15 @ Reseda, 6/16 @ Riverside) TCB@Facebook
  18. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band with **THE POLECATS** (6/7 @ Oakland, CA) TCB@Facebook
  19. This Charming Ben

    This Charming Band (5/18 @ Santa Cruz, 5/19 @ San Francisco) TCB@Facebook
  20. M

    Morrissey's song cover from Argentine band

    This is "The last of the famous international playboy", recorded by an Argentine band called Dias Felices. I found this recorded in 2007, and I think is a good version. You can listen to it here in lastfm The band...
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