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  1. khealey237

    Cover of "Michaels Bones"

    Always one of my favorites. This version is played on ukelele, acoustic, bass, and electric guitars, with MIDI drums programmed in real-time. Recorded in my home studio using Cubase LE for mixing/recording and Ozone 9 for mastering. Please share!
  2. khealey237

    "Angel Angel Down We Go Together" psychedelic/glam cover

    Another Moz cover from K.Healey, aka Eddie Kite - this a glam/psychedelic version of "Angel Angel Down We Go Together" from Viva Hate.
  3. khealey237

    One-man-band cover of "Suedehead"

    Folks over in the Moz groups on Facebook seem to like this one-man-band-style cover of Suedehead. It's a bit slower in tempo, with a more jazzy acoustic rhythm, fancier guitar solo, and additional harmonies.
  4. E

    Hannah Hirsch - “Åt helvete” (striking resemblance to “Nowhere Fast”)

    Just picked up this record from Reckless on Berwick St., London this afternoon for £2... for no reason other than I like Scandinavian music and this seemed the sort of edgy sleeve-art likely to hold a record I’d like... Anyways, long story short - according to Discogs, this is German vinyl...
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