1. STLSmithsMozFan84

    Ultimate Smiths collection for the walls in my house

    Hey so I'm looking at starting to buy a complete collection of Smiths and Moz albums/cds/etc to frame and put on the walls of my house. If anyone has any that's signed by the whole band (already framed or just the album/cd) just shoot me a pic of it and a price please!
  2. S

    Selling off my Morrissey / Tour memorabilia

    Selling off my Morrissey memorabilia. I'm moving overseas and found a bunch of stuff in storage that I need to clear out. I dunno, after 25 years of being Morrissey fan, I think I'm done. Would prefer to sell the lot to one worthy collector. Have a look, make an offer, or just wish me luck...
  3. M

    Have dinner with "The Smiths": LA COVA LOUNGE - EL CAU VENUE

    ] La Cova Exhibit: 25 years without The Smiths “25 years without The Smiths” La Cova Lounge- El Cau Venue, Tarragona 27 july -22 August From Fnac Triangle (Barcelona) to...
  4. J

    Show off your collection

    I tought it would be great to have a thread where you can post your collection (or at least a part of it) no matter which music format or artist. So feel free to post images of your treasures. Exiciting background stories or detailed statements desirable. To get started, that's my small...
  5. Illness is Art

    For sale two 12" SMITHS lps Best offer

    Hey! I am selling The Smiths - William It was really Nothing Marbled Vinyl.*This is the 12" vinyl EP William it was really nothing from*The Smiths.*Marbled coloured vinyl. Made in Germany, # INT 125.219. No. 72 from The Smiths 100 Greatest Rarities (Record Collector June 2005).*Very...
  6. G

    Your Favorite Morrissey Souvenir

    I tend to think of owning a piece of Morrissey's shirt as being one of the major accomplishments for a fan. Catching a Moz-worn shirt, holding on to it and coming away with at least a small portion of it seems like an impressive feat to me. I know the piece I have is one of my favorite...
  7. totalester

    Smiths/Morrissey vinyl for sale

    Hi, due to a lack of space and having a small boy in the house, I've decided to sell my collection of Smiths/Morrissey vinyl. Here's a list of what I'm selling on eBay, let me know if you've got any questions. I’m throwing my arms around Paris 7” Redondo Beach / There is a light 7” I have...
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