1. georgejallen

    Esquire UK online article on "Top 5 concert cancellations"

    Hi All, I have a feeling that someone has posted this but perhaps not. I like that there are no clichés in this minuscule write-up, but is rather humorous and probably endearing (probably...). They once featured "You're the one for me, Fatty" as one of the songs not to play when making love...
  2. baltimoz

    What are rules of Moz tour travel?

    #1-- Do not book a pre-paid room from or others, UNLESS you would absolutely LOVE to go to that particular city at that time of year without the Mozzer. #2--Do not book a non-refundable flight to a Morrissey show. In fact, plan to drive (or take the subway) to any Morrissey...
  3. justme

    Morrissey Cancels Florida Shows

    sorry guys :(
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