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  1. D

    Lady Willpower Interview w/ Gary Puckett, Jerry Fuller, and more! - Official Morrissey YouTube

    has this been posted yet? Published on May 21, 2019 Morrissey - Lady Willpower Interview w/ Gary Puckett, Jerry Fuller, Joe Ciccarelli, Jesse Tobias, and Roger Joseph Manning Jr. Produced & Directed by: Chelsea Christer Chris Heinrich UPDATE 11:50 AM PT: now on mozcentral too, with a...
  2. BookishBoy

    "California Son" review in NME by Jordan Bassett (2/5 stars)

    Morrissey – ‘California Son’ review - NME By Jordan Bassett Score 2 of 5 stars The unofficial line is that Morrissey has recorded a covers album to allow the music to speak for itself. What 'California Son' is saying is that it's not very good An interesting but deeply strange review in/on the...
  3. NealCassidy

    "This Thursday” - SER posts images on Instagram and Morrissey Central

    See this Instagram post by @sam_esty_rayner_photography Link posted by Famous when dead: This Thursday. - Morrissey Central May 20, 2019
  4. A

    "California Son" reviews in Salford Star (4/5 stars), Daily Mail (2/5 stars)

    CAN MORRISSEY ESCAPE POLITICAL FALL-OUT WITH NEW ALBUM? - Salford Star By Ian Leslie Four out Five Salford Stars **** Star date: 19th May 2019 DOES MORRISSEY STILL HAVE ANY CRED LEFT AT ALL? Morrissey, who once had his photo taken outside Salford Lads Club, has a new album out called...
  5. Famous when dead

    Wedding Bell Blues Chart (#1 UK vinyl singles ) - Morrissey Central; 2nd most played on Radio 2

    "Morrissey's 45 is Number 1 on the Official UK Vinyl Chart this week." Regards, FWD. The single does not appear in the Official Singles Chart Top 100...
  6. Whizz Kid

    Guardian has been refused copy of "California Son" for review

    @guardianmusic Might be tricky to review the new Morrissey album. Been refused a copy because we wrote this piece about him. "Afraid management are not keen to provide advance music to the Guardian for this release".
  7. Famous when dead

    Win a Crosley California Son Record Player & Test Pressing - Morrissey Official FB (16 May, 2019)

    NB: UK offer, not seen on US yet. Regards, FWD. Posted by an anonymous person: The record player is available separately in the UK.
  8. A

    "California Son" review in La

    Morrissey in the Italian press Part California son review, part For Britain badge controversy. Is it possible to enjoy the artist regardless of the person? Morrissey, il nuovo album e quella spilletta che rovina tutto - La di GIANNI SANTORO Il 24 maggio esce 'California Son'...
  9. Phranc & Open

    "California Son" review by Sascha Kilian (5 of 6) in (German)

    First german review: Try "Deep L" for a proper translation.
  10. Famous when dead

    "Wedding Bell Blues" - vinyl 45 released today (10 May, 2019)

    This single had a bit of a confused start to its life. First reported on Morrissey Central (28 Feb) and again on Morrissey Central (24 March) that it would have the B-side "I Thought You Were Dead". With the pre-information and release of Lover-To-Be for Record Store Day, it became apparent that...
  11. Famous when dead

    "California Son": 'Ultimate M Box' details - Morrissey Official FB (9 May, 2019)

    Link resolves to: "THIS BUNDLE IS AVAILABLE TO CUSTOMERS RESIDING IN THE UNITED STATES ONLY. UK/EUROPE STOCK WILL BECOME AVAILABLE SOON. Bundle includes the following items: Exclusive California Son Limited Edition Record Player Exclusive California Son Celebratory Pin California Son Album...
  12. Famous when dead

    Wedding Bell Blues makes Radio 2's 'A List' & Telegraph review - Morrissey Central

    "makes Radio 2's 'A List'" Then followed by a section of the review shared here yesterday: The Telegraph, UK newspaper reviews Morrissey On Broadway: “Morrissey has been pretty consistently great over the...
  13. A

    "Wedding Bell Blues" added to Radio 2 playlist

    It's finally made the Radio 2 playlist (B-list for week commencing 4th May). I would have betted on the album missing the top 10 without any R2 support for the single. If it jumps up to the A-list, it could...
  14. A

    "California Son" review in Classic Pop (5/10)

    New review in Classic Pop. Gets a bit of a vicious slagging and a 5/10. Much of the review predictably focuses on his more recent troubling statements. Bit surprising as Classic Pop are generally v positive about him. Think they might have even given Low in High School 10/10 (or equivalent).
  15. davidt

    "California Son" reviews in Mojo (3 stars, June 2019), Uncut (7/10, June 2019) & others

    Two reviews added to the "Official reviews for California Son" thread starting here: Mojo review by Ian Harrison (3 stars) - info / scans posted by Famous when dead, crotty32 Uncut review by Stephen Troussé (7/10) - info posted by an anonymous person, scan posted by Famous when dead Louder...
  16. davidt

    Uncut / The Smiths - Ultimate Music Guide (April 2019) includes "California Son" review

    Note: Available now for purchase in app stores. Posted by an anonymous person in the thread Official reviews for California Son: The first review is out! It's from Uncut. Can't quite see the score here but it's pretty positive and reads like a 7 or 8/10. Interestingly, I think Uncut published...
  17. A

    Official reviews for California Son

    The first review is out! It's from Uncut. Can't quite see the score here but it's pretty positive and reads like a 7 or 8/10. Interestingly, I think Uncut published the first review of Low in High School with a damning score (possibly 5/10) and the conclusion that it was his worst since Kill...
  18. Famous when dead

    Wedding Bell Blues - lyric video premiered on Facebook (10 April, 2019).

    Update: now on YouTube. (2pm UK time). Watched live by 400 people. The broadcast has ended and will be available again shortly. Regards, FWD.
  19. davidt

    Billie Joe Armstrong says working with Morrissey was an "honour" - NME

    Shoplifterromo sends the link: Billie Joe Armstrong says working with Morrissey was an “honour” - NME Excerpt: Billie Joe Armstrong has called working with Morrissey an “honour” after the pair’s collaboration was released yesterday (April 8). The Green Day frontman teamed up with the British...
  20. Famous when dead

    "Wedding Bell Blues" w/Billie Joe Armstrong digital release, BBC Radio 2 first play (Apr. 8, 2019)

    UPDATE Apr. 8: Here's the official one: Posted by Thewlis: Now on Spotify! Wedding Bell Blues was played earlier today on the Ken Bruce show as a world exclusive. Digital versions and a YouTube video followed thereafter. It is reportedly the 22 year anniversary of Laura Nyro's passing...
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