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    The Guardian and the Morrissey Vendetta by Fiona Dodwell - tremr

    A new article about the Guardian & Mozza. The Guardian and the Morrissey Vendetta. - tremr By Fiona Dodwell Excerpt: "Journalists must not engage in intimidation, harassment or persistent pursuit," states The Guardian's own editorial policy. Rightly so, for the media's power to sway public...
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    CALIFORNIA SON’ NUMBER 1 - Morrissey Central

    CALIFORNIA SON’ NUMBER 1. - Morrissey Central June 2, 2019 Morrissey's 'California Son' album is Number 1 on the UK Official Vinyl Chart this week. Morrissey expresses heartfelt thanks to "everyone, anywhere, who bought and supported". Related item: "California Son" enters at #4 in UK album...
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    Morrissey mentioned in Spiked article "The lost art of criticism"

    Interesting article in Spiked that mentions negative reviews of California Son in left wing press, that clearly review the 'man' (as they see it) and not the 'music'. These left wing critics bring to mind lyrics from 'Art Hounds' that I suspect could also be applied to certain tedious...
  4. NealCassidy

    Morrissey - Lancashire To Broadway - MCQ June 2019 Issue 190

    MORRISSEY - LANCASHIRE TO BROADWAY - MCQ Music Monthly JUNE 2019 ISSUE 190 THE EVER CONTROVERSIAL LANCASHIRE LAD TURNS SIXTY AS NEW COVERS ALBUM IS RELEASED MORRISSEY - LANCASHIRE TO BROADWAY " .. You can’t flick through the pages of the music press or browse a muso website without coming...
  5. Famous when dead

    SER: "California Son Albums" - SER/SER Photography FB (1 June, 2019)

    Links to: Featuring a couple of guest appearances by the rather poor quality California Son T-shirts :) Regards, FWD. UPDATE June 2: Now on Morrissey Central: Album And Fans. Related item: "CS" - Morrissey Central (26 May, 2019) - May 26, 2019
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    Morrissey finds himself on the naughty step (Irish Independent)

    Ian O'Doherty: Bigmouth strikes again: Morrissey finds himself on the naughty step - Irish Independent
  7. Famous when dead

    Peter Katsis statement: "What Is The Goal Of The Guardian?" - Morrissey Official FB (31 May, 2019)

    "WHAT IS THE GOAL OF THE GUARDIAN? I'm sure many of you may have seen this as it came out yesterday morning. As one more in an endless string of related stories from The Guardian, in some ways it was nothing new. But in thinking about the whole matter a bit further…... I asked myself……...
  8. Thewlis

    "California Son" enters at #4 in UK album charts; #1 in UK vinyl album charts Excerpt: Morrissey claims this week’s highest new entry with his covers album California Son at Number 4, his 14th Top 10 album as a solo artist. The Motion Picture Cast...
  9. Famous when dead

    UK Chart Position statement - Morrissey Central (31 May, 2019)

    UK Chart Position. - Morrissey Central May 31, 2019 "Given the inexhaustible Hate Campaign executed against me by The Guardian and their followers, I am pleased with the UK chart position for "California son". BUT WHO WILL GUARD US FROM THE GUARDIAN? No one, it seems. It is worth noting that...
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    "California Son" review in Les Inrockuptibles

    A nice review of the album in one of the leading French (and leftist) culture magazines Excerpt: De retour avec un album de reprises, le Moz fait entendre la beauté quasi immuable de sa voix...
  11. Famous when dead

    ‘California Son’ Is the Confounding Yet Captivating Work of a Charmless Man (4/5) - Albumism

    4/5*s By Libby Cudmore (28 May, 2019). Excerpt: "I’ll admit, when I first heard the news of California Son’s pending arrival, I scoffed. I tried to resist the siren song of “Wedding Bell Blues,” telling myself that a cover with Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong couldn’t possibly be good. And...
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    "California Son" reviewed by El Pais (Spain) 4 out of 10

    Biggest daily in Spain. Headline sums it up, "An Empty and Insubstantial Morrissey". Says the problem is not his political pronouncements, but rather that he "gives the cold shoulder" to those singers to whom he pays homage... "Morrissey is limited to being Moorrissey" Review generally much...
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    "California Son" reviewed by Under the Radar (4 out of 10)

    Just when you thought things could not get any more ridiculous, this one opens with a "trigger warning"!! Let's get the trigger warning out of the way: despite being a collection of 12 new cover tracks, California Son is still a record by the individual known as Morrissey...
  14. Alexi

    Morrissey - Buffy Sainte-Marie - Suffer the Little Children [California Son Interview Series]

    UPDATE May 29: Link to video on Vimeo posted on Morrissey Central: Suffer The Little Children. May 28, 2019 Link: PW: lady
  15. BookishBoy

    "California Son" review in The Scotsman (3 out of 5 stars)

    Part of a group review, but an interesting take nevertheless... Extract: "His taste in selections is so impeccable that he cannot better the originals – nor does it sound...
  16. Thewlis

    Morrissey at #2 in UK midweeks charts Excerpt: Over on the albums chart, Morrissey is on course to be this week’s highest new entry with his...
  17. Famous when dead

    "CS" - Morrissey Central (26 May, 2019)

    CS A video collage posted on SER's YouTube. Regards, FWD.
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    To Mersey Rail and THAT Record Store by Fiona Dodwell - Tremr

    To Mersey Rail and THAT Record Store - Tremr By Fiona Dodwell
  19. Famous when dead

    California Son Interview Series: Jobriath's Morning Starship (25 May, 2019)

    Links to: Steve Jones, Jesse & Joe et al discuss the track. Regards, FWD.
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    "California Son" review in Pitchfork (5.9)

    Morrissey - California Son (rating: 5.9) - Pitchfork By Ben Hewitt Morrissey and some (barely audible) high-profile guests rework 12 of his favorite ’60s and ’70s songs by American artists to mixed results.
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