1. N

    Request: Peepholism PDF

    Could anybody send me a link to the Peepholism pdf file? I can't find it anywhere and I'm to broke to buy the physical copy Thank you, kind regards, Jacob
  2. nickbatcave

    Morrissey Shot, difference in editions?

    I just recieved the US edition of Morrissey Shot today in the mail, but when I flipped through, I saw the photo of his torso covered in glitter in the tub, but not these photos (shown below), which appear to be sourced from the UK edition? Does anyone know if they are from the UK edition? Also...
  3. E


    Hi all, Assuming lots of us are Discogs users. I'm also now using Bookogs and just doing my first submissions. I've done the Mozipedia and also a rare Italian Smiths lyrics paperback. If anyone else wants to though, it's a burgeoning marketplace and database and needs field 'experts' such as...
  4. S

    'The Smiths' or 'Morrissey Shot'

    Going to purchase a new Smiths/Morrissey book (already own 'Songs that Saved...' and 'Peepholism') and have it tied between Linder's 'Morrissey Shot' and 'The Smiths' by Nalinee Darmrong. Any people out there with strong opinions on which is the better piece?
  5. M

    Original Smiths fanzine editor to sell his rare Smiths collection

    As the founder and editor of Smiths Indeed - the original Smiths fanzine from 1986 - I built up a phenomenal collection of Smiths vinyl and memorabilia, with many rare and unique items. Many of these rarities probably haven't appeared on the market before and may well be of interest to serious...
  6. M

    The Smiths & Morrissey Books – Great Price

    The Smiths & Morrissey Books – Great Price at ! Those Charming Men - PART I: January 1983-Early 1985 : £39 ~ 59$ ~ 51€ Published in 1985 Paperback: 64 pages, 21cm x 29,5 cm aprox. (7,5" x 11" ) Rare book featuring media articles...
  7. M

    The Smiths 2014 Pre-Xmas sales Up to 55% : Original Posters, Posters, Books & T-Shirts

    Pre-Christmas SALES TILL 7th DEC 2014 ! All Items on the Shop Discounted:
  8. C

    Morrissey Paper Doll

    Ever wondered what to do whilst listening to your smiths records? Why not try the Morrissey paper doll, Mozzer comes with 3 full outfits ( including a special Christmas number), 3 mix and match t shirts 1 slogan board with 4 different phrases, and , as if that wasn't enough you get accessories...
  9. M

    Rare The Smiths book: 'Those Charming Men, Early Years' 20% OFF

    The Smiths: Those Charming Men - PART I: January 1983-Early 1985 ! Paperback: 64 pages, 21cm x 29,5 cm aprox. (7,5" x 11" ) Condition: Very Good Rare 1985 UK 64-page softback book featuring media articles, interviews of Morrissey and Marr, album and song reviews, clippings and photographs...
  10. M

    30% discount on The Smiths & Morrissey Books - Some Rares

    30% DISCOUNT on The Smiths & Morrissey Books - Some RARES! At Meat is Murder Original Tour Programme £38.50 The Smiths: Those Charming Men, Early Years £42.00 Morrissey - Kill Uncle Tour Book £35.00 Meat is Murder Songbook + POSTER...
  11. M

    'Morrissey in Quotes' Rare 1988 Book for £75.00 (40% Off Original Price)

    'Morrissey in Quotes', Published in 1988 by Babylon Books! Paperback: 48 pages, 20cmX30cm Including nice Pictures Condition: Excellent Get it for £75.00 + P&P at
  12. M

    20% Discount on all Items of The Smiths Shop (Posters and Books) till Monday 9 Dec 2013

    All items of 'The Smiths Shop' at 20% DISCOUNT till Monday 9th Dec due to "Cyber Monday's Week" and next 'Green Monday' day! Only with Coupon: CYBER Original Posters & Non Official ones & Books!!!
  13. I

    Moz/Smiths-related books you recommend

    Already have Fletcher's book as well as St. Morrissey and Mozipedia. I am planning to get copies of Rogan's Morrissey: The Albums and Complete Guide to the Music of Morrissey and the Smiths and Middles' The Complete Story from Amazon. What do you think guys? Are they going to tell me...
  14. J

    Desperately seeking Manchester-based fans for my final illustration project

    Hi everyone. my name is julia and I decided to create a fictional magazine that focuses on the relationship between classical literature on modern music. The Issue I'm going to create will be based on the Smiths/Morrissey and Oscar Wilde. Since I study in Germany at the moment (moving to San...
  15. V

    James Dean Is Not Dead on Ebay

    there's more to life than this book you know
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