1. Sandy_Jay_1111 ☯️

    Why didn't M work with Damon Albarn

    Any idea why M turned down being on the new Gorillaz album? Damon is way cooler than bubble gum "artists" (not seen any 👿 symbolism with his vids etc) 🤔 (shame they both couldn't hold onto their British record labels both now Amerikan) =(
  2. B

    Ready for the Floor (S&G), Manchester - 10th March '18 - New York Disco

    Hi guys Our monthly clubnight READY FOR THE FLOOR, hosted by the wonderful Star and Garter on Fairfield Street and home of the world famous Smiths/Morrissey Disco, returns on Saturday February 17th. This month, starting at 10pm, we will be having a special BLUR vs SUEDE clubnight, where we will...
  3. theneverplayedsymphony

    Blur or Oasis?

    Which side of the argument are the members of Moz-solo on then?:D Post your favourite songs by each, convert one another!:p I am on the side of Blur and quite hate Oasis! This is my favourite Blur song: This is the only Oasis song I can stand...
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