1. This Charming Bowie

    Fiona Dodwell: “Morrissey remains centerstage as he turns 63” (May 18, 2022) From
  2. Quando quando quando

    Where is the happy birthday thread?! here!

    Happy birthday Moz!! Congratulations. You're in the prime of your life as a great artist. Never to be forgotten. NEVAH!
  3. bombsiteboudicca

    UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY: Liverpool's Unity Theatre 8 & 9 Nov

    Unhappy Birthday: Unity Theatre, Liverpool UK Nov 8 & 9, 8pm. Tickets £12/£10 Amy Lamé's critically acclaimed Morrissey-inspired solo show Unhappy Birthday rolls into Liverpool for 2 nights only Amy invites you to her birthday party. Morrissey’s invited too; will he arrive clutching...
  4. S

    strange morrisey birthday tradition

    hello my birthday was yesterday ( june 11th) and every year on june 12th since it came out i listen to the song "its not your birthday anymore" does any other fan on this fourm do that or to quote morrisey " if i seem a little strange thats cus i am"
  5. MozVegan9

    'It's Not Your Birthday Anymore' live version?

    Apparently he only only played it once and I was wondering if anybody has a bootleg of it. I've always wanted to hear it live since I first heard it. :guitar:
  6. A

    Smiths nod in Soccer Skills vid
  7. Half_a_Person

    I'm 21...

    TOMORROW!!! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!:D:D:guitar:
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