1. This Charming Bowie

    Best/worst Morrissey show closers?

    Since we discussed what people thought were the best/worst show openers a few days ago, it seemed natural to follow it up with people's favourite/least favourite show closers. This can mean both final songs in the main set, as well as the last song of the encore. Personally, although classics...
  2. GodEmperorMorrissey

    Morrissey: Best/Worst; Over/Under

    With the upcoming release of California Son, i thought we could consider his solo discography up to this point. Lot of politics as of late so how bout some focus on the man and his music. I'll start... Best: Your Arsenal ( Excellent opener with a tight track list and Moz at his most smirking...
  3. D

    Best I and Best II wooden boxes

    Hello everybody. I have seen that someone sold these in the past on ebay. I have got my two boxes that I am going to sell on ebay next week. Details here: If someone is interested please drop me a line. Davide
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