1. Famous when dead

    The Telegraph: "Stephen Street on falling out with Morrissey, the Britpop wars and getting Pete Doherty to behave" (December 15, 2020)

    Reproduced in full as it's a gated article. "The veteran British record producer has dealt with some of British music’s most notorious characters. How did he make their albums? Stephen Street must have the patience of a saint. Over the last 35 years, he has become the go-to producer for some...
  2. Giselle

    "Pre-Morrissey" Interviews with Jesse and Matt

    My Brother-in-law, an avid guitar player and collector, has a huge collection of old music magazines, all the usual ones, (RS, Spin, Filter), but also niche ones like "Fender Frontline", and other more indie 'zines, going back to the mid-1980's. Browingsing through some of them the past few...
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