1. Quiffaa

    Banksy opens 'pet-store'/exhibition in NY

    Set inside a fake pet store, works such as a robotic monkey watching telly, flirting hot dogs and fish-fingers swimming in a goldfish bowl aim to question the relationship between human beings and animals. video
  2. D

    New album cover

    I've just been sent the new album cover, unretouched & without fonts. Here's part of it.....What a tease.
  3. Quiffaa

    Picture by artist Dawn Mellor

    "a painted portrait of Morrissey['s Bona Drag cover] with paint brushes sticking into his face and body and blood streaming out in arcs" Since it is not a pretty sight at all, please scroll down if you really want to see it. But far nicer than the rest on the exhibition which is really a...
  4. vicarinatutugal

    Random Pictures

    Got the idea from lj.. just what the title says, any pic you like stick it here. :guitar: just omg! beer belly. :sick: *giggles*
  5. sistasheila

    Do you have Smiths/Mozposters on your wall (and other?)

    i just saw that southbank show again with shawn duggan sitting in front of his mozpic shrine and i wonder ..if you have smiths or moz posters on your wall ? i only had the greatest hits cover pic above my bed when i lived in flensburg (moz b/w eyes closed) which was used as a ad for the...
  6. Codreanu

    The official ART thread

    post your favourite drawings/paintings or sculpture here. St. Eulalia, 1885 - John William Waterhouse
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