1. Renton

    Morrissey and animals

    Hi guys, I'm looking for any information about Morrissey's love to animals. I know he has almost been a London mayoral candidate for the Animal Welfare Party, that he is a member of PETA and has once opened a pop-up store at the Battersea Cats & Dogs refuge. By any chance, do any of you know a...
  2. Ed Wood

    "Remember When M Said The Chinese Were A Sub-Species For Their Treatment Of Animals?"

    Yeah...hate to bring it up again, but take a look at THIS (VERY GRAPHIC VIDEO)...
  3. C

    UKIP candidate apologizes for bizarre homophobic banter

    Ukip candidate who claimed a gay donkey raped his horse is standing for party leader Story at link above. Does Morrissey support this man's campaign?
  4. Quiffaa

    Banksy opens 'pet-store'/exhibition in NY

    Set inside a fake pet store, works such as a robotic monkey watching telly, flirting hot dogs and fish-fingers swimming in a goldfish bowl aim to question the relationship between human beings and animals. video
  5. gotconfusedkilledahorse

    If Morrissey was an animal, which animal would he be?

    Please include comparative images as evidence. My money is on MEERKAT. (PREDICTION: This is the GREATEST thread EVER)
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