animal rights

  1. Joe90

    Morrissey Central - Please Support (Animal Rights) Animal Rights groups and causes dear to Morrissey's heart and ours: PETA MERCY FOR ANIMALS Sea Shepherd Global Hunt Saboteurs Association The Gentle Barn...
  2. E

    Morrissey not vegan?

    Only recently did I discover that Morrissey is strictly vegetarian and not vegan. Although I always saw Morrissey being proclaimed as a vegetarian, I just always assumed he was still vegan on a basis of common sense. His personality and opinions all point towards a lifestly of veganism, but on...
  3. PregnantForTheLastTime

    Why Morrissey will never play Chicago again... Please, Mozzer, don't go overboard on this. It's not our fault, you know how corrupt Chicago is. All this means is that the restaurant owners scraped together enough spare cash to buy the votes they needed... please come...
  4. Not Right in the Head

    100k dead in Myanmar cyclone aftermath, yet nobody's talking about it here?

    The other day it was estimated at 25,000; now it's four times that. 95% of the buildings in the Irrawaddy River delta are toast. This is an epic tragedy, yet it's not getting nearly as much press as the tsunami a couple years ago. Ho-lee shit!
  5. C

    Why do people still watch the Kentucky Derby?

    All the Kentucky Derby is is a gross exploitation of the misuse of the trust animals place in our hands. How is that entertaining?
  6. I

    Morrissey condemns Edinburgh zoo's Budongo Trail

    From The Sunday Times April 27, 2008 Morrissey, former leader singer of the Smiths, has called for a boycott of Edinburgh Zoo's new primate enclosure Mark Macaskill MORRISSEY, the pop singer and animal rights activist, has called for a boycott of the world's largest chimpanzee enclosure...
  7. Jane Birkin

    Moz on TMZ gossip site

    Don't panic, he's not being hounded by their scumbag paps. It's just one of those lame "where are they now" posts.
  8. naranjito

    Does being vegetarian mean you are a better Morrissey fan

    I'd like to know because I am vegetarian.
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