1. Optimistic Fool

    Favorite and least favorite songs on each of The Smiths albums (not including "Rank")

    You heard the title. This is a hard question, I know…. Here's my attempt: The Smiths, 1984 F: Reel Around the Fountain LF: Miserable Lie Meat is Murder, 1985 F: Rusholme Ruffians LF: Meat is Murder The Queen is Dead, 1986 F: Cemetry Gates LF: The Queen is Dead Strangeways Here We Come, 1987...
  2. Ugly Devil

    An idea for Morrissey's final tour

    I like the idea of Morrissey doing a seven night residency at a London venue; for example the roundhouse. Each night playing two of his albums back to back in chronological order. As follows... Monday : Viva Hate/ Bona Drag Tuesday : Kill Uncle/ Your Arsenal Wednesday : Vauxhall/ Southpaw...
  3. S

    Did Morrissey authorise the new remaster albums?

    Did Morrissey authorise the new remaster albums or is this just his old record companies making a fast buck without his permission? Thanks! Simon
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