1. Billy A

    Bonfire of Teenagers or Without Music The World Dies

  2. Billy A

    What lost tracks would you have on an album of Moz rarities?

    So, let's pretend Moz has an album or b-sides and rarities coming out. You get to choose the track listing, the album title and artwork. For me it would be: You've had her Brow of my beloved People are the same everywhere Blue dreamer's eyes Noise is the best revenge By the time I get to...
  3. O

    Least favourite songs from each Moz solo album?

    Done the thread of favourite songs off of each solo album, now how's about the worst? Whatsmore no bonus tracks. To get it started: Viva Hate:Margaret On The Guillotine Kill Uncle: Found Found Found Your Arsenal: You're The One For Me Fatty Vauxhall And I: The Lazy Sunbathers Southpaw...
  4. T

    Morrissey posters

    Hi all i have bigmouth shakespear original cartel promo 12 by 24 posters plus loads more including sandi hand in glove . ex virgin employee contact me good stuff
  5. B

    Morrissey Your arsenal Vinyl LP with Inner sleeve

    Hello I have a spare original vinyl copy of Your Arsenal with inner sleeve in excellent condition which I would like to swap for a vinyl copy of Vauxhall and I original in gatefold sleeve. I live in Manchester and could arrange to meet to exchange. I may also consider swapping for World of...
  6. S

    this site is so hypocrtical

    i always thought that this was a morrisey fan site but every other post is about people hating on morrisey you always go on is last album was crap or his new songs now morrisey was at his best in the smiths thats a given and i didnt like ringleaders but i dont go on about in every other topic...
  7. T

    Where's Wonderful Woman?

    It's not a part of any official album, is it? Is it just on the b-side of This Charming Man?
  8. T


    Hey :) hopefully its not rude to start another topic when I have only made a couple of posts here :( and excuse my bad grammar most of the grammar keys have broke on my keyboard. Anyway Blondie have a new album - Panic of girls - coming out in June sometime I have all their albums so far and...
  9. mpmurr

    Any advice would be helpful

    I picked up three 12" LP Morrissey Bootlegs when I was in Australia years ago, maybe 93 or 94. I found them the other day behind a cabinet and would like them to go to a good home. Not sure what they're worth or whether I should put them on eBay, so any help would be appreciated. The albums...
  10. lostdebris

    Solo-wise, which is your LEAST loved Morrissey album?

    Ringleader of the Tormentors... I mostly like all of his work -with The Smiths & solo, but this one was just dull :(
  11. C

    The Fifth Smiths Album...

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