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  1. Famous when dead

    Alain Whyte: "Nothing Lasts Forever" (Due December 14, 2022)

    Update: Regards, FWD.
  2. D

    Alain Whyte

    Great to see Alain Whyte back on stage when I was at the Glasgow concert. But does anyone know why he left the first time and how it came about that’s he’s back?? I’m really pleased he is. And where has Boz gone??
  3. Famous when dead

    Totally Wired Radio / Simon Hearn: Alain Whyte guesting (August 9, 2022) Regards, FWD.
  4. Famous when dead

    Alain Whyte: "Tell Me" EP released digitally (April 27, 2022); in-store signing (Kaos Records in Covina CA, April 30, 2022)

    Alain's Tell Me EP is released today via Spotify, Amazon et al. 30 years to the day that We Hate It... was released. Regards, FWD. Posted by Redacted:
  5. Famous when dead

    Alain Whyte FB: reminisces about TV appearances (October 15 -> ongoing)

    "...I'm excited for doing an album with Morrissey..." Regards, FWD.
  6. Famous when dead

    The Alternative Hit Parade interviews Alain Whyte (August, 2021)

    1hr 40 video interview with Alain. Lots of discussion about the band idea prior to rejoining Morrissey. Worth a listen. Not sure how this flew under the radar though. He mentions he wanted to play The Loop again live. Can't see it posted on here anywhere. Regards, FWD.
  7. Famous when dead

    Alain Whyte - 4 interviews from '97-'02 (Morrissey content)

    A collection of 4 interviews from '97-'02. I saved the text from the Alain Whyte 'Syte' (post-Geocities) a long time back, but as Johnny Panic is being mentioned again - thought it worthwhile dusting them off. Lots of Morrissey content. All credit to the original interviewers, any named within &...
  8. Famous when dead

    Alain Whyte YT: "Whyte Christmas" teaser video (December 13, 2020) IG: Twitter: Facebook: AppleMusic: Spotify...
  9. Famous when dead

    C86 Show podcast: Alain Whyte in conversation (November 20, 2020)

    Listen here: "Alain Whyte in conversation with David Eastaugh Alain Gordon Whyte is an English musician, songwriter, composer and singer. He is best known for being Morrissey's main songwriting partner and guitarist between 1991 and 2007...
  10. Famous when dead

    Alain Whyte: Safe-At-Home Sessions Redux (dates vary)

    A completely new recording of the previously released acoustic Safe-At-Home sessions song, I Am Hated For Loving. This new version features improved audio compared to the original so as to match the others in the series. The song was original studio recording of the song is a co-write with...
  11. Famous when dead

    Alain Whyte: "Tell Me" - Safe At Home Sessions (August 13, 2020)

    "Preceding the song is a short mention of gratitude to all of the fans for their outpouring of support and kind words regarding the lockdown release version of the song mentioned above, featuring Gary Day, Spencer Cobrin, Craig Gannon and Sophie Loyer." Regards, FWD.
  12. NealCassidy

    Alain Whyte & Band: "Tell Me" - 'lockdown' version premiered (August 5, 2020)

    anyone watching? Tell Me is the next single to be released by Alain Whyte and both the video and song feature the debut of current band members (some of whom he’s worked with in the past in various bands. Most notably, Morrissey), Gary Day, Spencer Cobrin and Craig Gannon. Guesting on violin is...
  13. A

    Alain Whyte: Billy Budd - Safe At Home Sessions (June 12, 2020)

    Alain Whyte plays Billy Budd. Not been a massive fan of all these acoustic versions but this one is great. Alain changes the words to 'now it's 16 years on'. Maybe this means the last time he played with Morrissey?
  14. 80s.Moz

    Alain Whyte interview

    stumbled across this interesting interview from 2005, presumably after leaving morrissey's touring band...
  15. the.legend

    Morrissey's Alain Whyte & Eric Blair talk Morrissey/ Red Lightning 2005

    I don't know if someone posted this before...if not, please enjoy. Quite interesting interview with Alain Whyte - published on you tube on 09/12/2018.
  16. Uncleskinny

    Shame Is The Name

    A cracking b-side, some great chord changes take it out of the ordinary, lovely harmonised vocals from Chrissie Hynde, and a dash of harmonica make this a cut above. Here's the lyrics, as I hear them... Shame is the name (x4) Hey boy - are you happy to be A dim-ass teen on the spree...
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