1. Quiffaa

    The Cribs cancel Frankfurt/M - no rescheduling

    Source: http://batschkapp.tickets.de/de/customer/events/show/265-THE_CRIBS Gig was due to happen on 17th of November.
  2. LuckyLisp

    Official Tour Of Refusal 2009 T-Shirt (All you need is Morrissey t-shirt)

    Hello, I bought this t-shirt from the Hull gig on the 19th of May. I asked for a large, but when I got home it turned out it was a medium and it doesn't fit me. I've just bought the large one form the site and have no need for this one anymore. It's never been worn and it's as good as new. I'm...
  3. wilmamozzer

    Morrissey Swedish "tour"

    Morrissey playing in Stockholm And so finally Moz is coming to Stockholm. :D Does anyone know when and where you can buy the tickets?
  4. Mel_Torment

    2009 Moz calendar in MS Werd

    Attached are MS Werd docs for the calendar. The pictures portion is too large to be attached, so find it here (yousend it -- has 100 DL or 7 day limit) (or here until I cut off my service). Same caveats as with the 2008 version...e.g., you should have the Moz font (website IMAET should...
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