1. baby j

    X-mas day death of George Michael - '83 video of George & Morrissey on talk show together

    I found this video of George Michael & Morrissey on British talk show, 8 Days a Week, critiquing Everything But The Girl's new album; the movie Break Dancing; a book on Joy Division; and 50's do-wop record reissues.. #GeorgeMichaelRIP
  2. M

    James Dean is not dead 1983 first edition for sale Babylon books amazing condition

    Hey there, I have a first edition Babylon books 1983 copy of the Morrissey authored James Dean is not Dead. Book is in near mint condition having been kept carefully stored away flat and away from light. A slew of bills means I am reluctantly selling it. I'm assuming most fans will know...
  3. Alex_Smith

    The Smiths - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (bootleg vinyl rip)

    I know that already exist various versions of this bootleg. But here's mine, direct from the vinyl: http://www.mediafire.com/?6qx6pfnii7l5fh3 MP3 320 kbps Vinyl >> Mixer >> Sound Forge Pro >> Wavs >> MP3 PROCESS: Click and Crackle Removal >> Normalize at 0dB Enjoy, ALE
  4. Morrissey the 23rd

    The Smiths live at The National, Dublin 1983

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