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  1. Walkers Crisp

    Sweetie Pie - Why was/is it so hated?

    Sweetie-Pie is definitely my favourite song from the Visconti era. I just love it. :o
  2. Walkers Crisp

    R.E.M. has broken up

    That's sad really. At least they ended their career as a band on a high note. Their last album was one of their best!
  3. Walkers Crisp

    What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

    The Stand - Stephen King
  4. Walkers Crisp

    What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

    [/URL][/IMG] In 1948, in a Greek mountain village, Eleni Gatzoyiannis was arrested, tortured and shot.She was one of the 158,000 victims of the Greek Civil War.Her crime had been to help her children escape from the Communist guerrillas who occupied their village.Her son, Nicholas Gage, was...
  5. Walkers Crisp

    Which was Morrissey's best tour?

    Rome July 2006 was my favourite so far. Unfortunately I won't be around for the upcoming UK tour :-((.
  6. Walkers Crisp

    BBT syndrome thread

    I'm afraid of: - heights (can't even step on a ladder) - insects with eight legs (no matter what size) - my friend's (who breeds chickens) evil rooster Paul - a guy called Chris Wilde - human babies - garbage I know someone who is scared to death by buttons :crazy:
  7. Walkers Crisp everyday bundle pre order

    I got my bundle on Saturday. No signed print either. :(
  8. Walkers Crisp

    where will you spend your holiday this summer?

    Here: (I've spent my summer holidays at this place for the past 18 years now - I'm not very adventurous...) one week in October on Santorini Island/Greece :)
  9. Walkers Crisp

    What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

    In 1943, Fania Fenelon was a Paris cabaret singer, a secret member of the Resistance, and a Jew. Captured by the Nazis, she was sent to Auschwitz where she became one of the legendary "orchestra girls" who used music to survive the Holocaust. This is her personal account of the experience.
  10. Walkers Crisp

    There's more to life than books - an imaginary library

    Thanks for bumping this thread - I didn't see it the first time round. Great job, Alf. :thumb:
  11. Walkers Crisp

    Morrissey autobiography bookcover revealed

    Besides all those tasteless "autobiography covers" this remark to me is extremely sexist and offensive. The poster deserves at least a warning. :mad:
  12. Walkers Crisp

    Eurovision Song contest

    I quite liked the contributions from Ireland, Armenia and Georgia. :thumb:
  13. Walkers Crisp

    What is your least favorite Morrissey/Smiths song?

    The Smiths: Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now Moz: First Of The Gang To Die
  14. Walkers Crisp

    'Bring Back JJ' Petition

    This has become a sad place indeed. I want JJ back, too :thumb::thumb:
  15. Walkers Crisp

    Angela Rutledge

    I had the pleasure to meet with Angela a couple of years ago in Manchester. She's absolutely lovely. It's sad she discontinued her tour website :(.
  16. Walkers Crisp

    Cool youtube video showing "How Soon Is Now?" instrument tuning

    Damn good. Moz should hire Daniel Earwicker for his next tour :thumb:
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