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  1. Emil

    Gothenburg, Sweden - Way Out West Festival (Aug. 11, 2016) post-show

    Morrissey was introduced on stage by Swedish actor Andreas Wilson of the film Ondskan, whom Morrissey mentions on page 384 of Autobiography (which Wilson didn't fail to point out). A great gig and a very good setlist. Especially enjoyed hearing What She Said. Morrissey was very talkative and...
  2. Emil

    Book signings?

    Yes, it was. It was announced the week before.
  3. Emil

    Favorite Scene from a Movie

    This scene is extraordinary. The opening sequence of Bela Tarr's The Turin Horse. Jump forward 90 seconds. To create this feeling of velocity, doom and suspense by just filming a work horse and it's peasant driver is just incredible. It feels like he is reinventing the art of...
  4. Emil

    Morrissey turns 56 - May 22, 2015

    Happy Birthday Morrissey! When all is said and done it's you I love.
  5. Emil

    Noel Gallagher on "The Queen Is Dead"

    You forgot Trouble Loves Me! Arguably his best song ever (including The Smiths), unarguably his best lyrics ever. Hearing this song live just leaves me devastated. "Please fulfill me me/Somebody kill me".
  6. Emil

    Michel Houellebecq's 'Submission', the state of Europe, and other related thoughts

    I've read all of his novels and he hates arabs just as much as he hates Islam, if not more. The novel The Possibility of an Island showcases his feelings towards muslims at best. It's his worst novel though.
  7. Emil

    Michel Houellebecq's 'Submission', the state of Europe, and other related thoughts

    Michel Houellebecq is a horrible (and yes - racist) human being, but a great novelist. The Celine of his day indeed.
  8. Emil

    Yes, there were times/I'm sure you knew - Morrissey statement at

    Yes, there were times / I'm sure you knew - 21 December 2014 What I may risk calling our best tour ever ... has now ended, and my written words of thanks to all who came along to watch and listen are strong enough to burn a hole through the North Pole. It is gratifying to have...
  9. Emil

    Who's down w/ Lund?

    Check out At the weekends there's a train going between Lund-Copenhagen every hour throughout the night.
  10. Emil

    Who's down w/ Lund?

    Sparbanken Arena isn't far from the train station and is usually used for handball matches. Suggestions on where to grab a post-show drink would be Malmö (10 minutes away by train). If you're not a (local) student there isn't much going on (or places to go) in Lund.
  11. Emil

    Basel gig tonight cancelled according to venue site

    This statement actually says that Morrissey is sick. It also says that the cancelled show won't be rescheduled.
  12. Emil

    Morrissey's gig in Lyon cancelled (updated)

    Re: Morrissey's gig in Lyon postponed It's Anna Calvi's fault.
  13. Emil

    Morrissey's gig in Lyon cancelled (updated)

    Re: Morrissey's gig in Lyon postponed Don't say that!
  14. Emil

    Morrissey's gig in Lyon cancelled (updated)

    f***! But still a week left to the first gig in Sweden. I hope they're back on the road by then. I can't die without having heard Moz sing Asleep only a couple of feet away from me.
  15. Emil

    Morrissey aside (if he does it for you), do you have any long-term celebrity fantasy crushes?

    You should check out Swedish silents. Körkarlen by Victor Sjöström and Gösta Berlings saga by Mauritz Stiller with Greta Garbo in her first feature film and a phenomenal, and later Hollywood star, Lars Hanson. You seem to know about Bo Widerberg but if you haven't seen Kvarteret Korpen you...
  16. Emil

    Support acts for Morrissey?

    Anna von Hausswolff would be a great choice.
  17. Emil

    Athens, Greece (Tae Kwon Do Arena, Dec. 5, 2014) date added -

    UPDATE Sep. 21: Katina writes: for the Athens show, tickets are already on sale at Morrissey will do tae kwon do in Athens on December 5th. Greece - 18 September 2014 Morrissey will play Tae Kwon Do Arena in Athens...
  18. Emil

    Do you think morrissey masturbates?

    You should be happy davidt didn't put this on the main page. "Morrissey and his link to masturbation".
  19. Emil

    What's Your Favorite Morrissey's Haircut?

    His hair was definitely at its best around '91-'92.
  20. Emil

    Morrissey Hot Press magazine interview out now

    What Morrissey says about Israel is total bullshit. The Israeli government and what it does in Gaza do express the wishes of the people. I love Morrissey now as much as ever but he should be severely criticized for his stance towards Israel. It is shameful. Morrissey is clueless when it comes to...
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