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    Off-topic discussion thread / moved as clogging other threads

    I would give an incredible amount of money to charity if it meant you stopped posting
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    What Morrissey fans do you hate

    I know what all of these words mean but put together like this it makes absolutely no sense.
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    The Suede thread for Suede things

    SPM is a terrible judge of character.
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    Ian Brown live tour

    Would absolutely howl if Morrissey did this. I am surprised it hasn't happened before.
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    The Guardian: Stewart Lee's 'Honest Playlist' - 'can no longer listen to' Morrissey (September 5, 2022)

    LOL at the picture used of Stewart Lee is him in the black/yellow trim Fred Perry polo shirt co-opted by the far right Proud Boys.
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    Off-topic discussion thread / moved as clogging other threads

    different buttock surrounding the same racist arsehole
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    Off-topic discussion thread / moved as clogging other threads

    so if you also do not believe the guardian, why did you feel the need to include 'supposedly left wing'? also see Morrissey's mates Britain First took an absolute pasting in the Wakefield by-election yesterday. Who knew the people of West Yorkshire hated vegan lesbians so much?!
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    Off-topic discussion thread / moved as clogging other threads

    the guardian isn't left wing. it's at the very best/most generous centre left. it's a liberal mouthpiece for Islington types to voice concerns about how much their cleaner is going to cost them during a cost of living crisis. I like their football coverage, mind. here to help.
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    Off-topic discussion thread / moved as clogging other threads

    the absolute state of you.
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    Alain Whyte and the new stuff

    god, I am old
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    Morrissey Central "MANCHESTER, TODAY" (June 21, 2022)

    This is absolutely bizarre. who the f*** thinks Morrissey is worse than Islamic fundamental terrorism, you mad man? Morrissey has said some shitty things in the press, terrorists have killed people. I think you'll find everyone hates the latter more. The invisible haters that exist only in your...
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    Phoenix, AZ - Orpheum Theatre (May 10, 2022) post-show

    I note on the above highlights reel video, Jesse is playing rhythm on First of the Gang and Alain does the lead. And on Ouija Board, they both do a solo each which I found interesting #nerd
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Once I Saw the River Clean"

    fantastic post, this.
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    Morrissey Central “!!!!” (March 30, 2022)

    My favourite Smiths song.
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    Years of Refusal - mix question

    I am not much of a muso, so I can't answer your question properly, but I have always felt that this album, along with the other Finn-produced LP YATQ, felt very polished and 'plastic' (for want of a better phrase). I can see why you/others may not like the sound of it. Apropos, I've always...
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    New Morrissey song, 'I am Veronica'

    ta yeah i can't really gauge the success of the next era of Morrissey based on that snippet, sorry
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    I Am Not A Dog On A Chain: 2 years on

    A third really good, a third average, and a third unbearable. Pretty much par for the course post-ROTT Morrissey albums, imho. Jim Jim, River, Hurling are superb. That song about music is bad. Life goes on.
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