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  1. tomsidg

    Alain Whyte available on Cameo

    Are you a laugh?
  2. tomsidg

    Anne Marie Waters: Morrissey supports For Britain

    Haha sorry. I’ll try to post more than 30 times over the next 13 years.
  3. tomsidg

    TTY: Monarchy is Anarchy

    Most visited was British museum Tourists would still come if we didn't have the Royal Family. More might come as we could then open up Buckingham Palace all year round.
  4. tomsidg

    TTY: The Genius of Russell Brand

    So giving money to people just for being born in to a family is as non essential as money for arts and culture? I completely disagree. What is non essential about arts and culture? Especially in times of austerity it is completely essential to fund these areas as they give people an escape...
  5. tomsidg

    London, England - Eventim Apollo (Sep. 21, 2015) post-show

    He said something along the lines of 'this concludes our shows in the UK but we will always be close to you' Great gig. I loved that he played boxers, let the right one in, my dearest love, now my heart is full and will never marry. I went both nights and it was full a good 30 mins before...
  6. tomsidg

    Krakow - Laznia Nowa (Nov. 21, 2014) post-show

    Great gig. First time I've seen him outside the UK. Worth the trip from Oldham via Twickenham. Looking forward to the O2. Similar setlist to other gigs. No Trouble Loves Me. He played One of Our Own, Kick the Bride, Certain People, Asleep, Neal Cassidy and HSIN. Crowd were great with lots of...
  7. tomsidg

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a new film coming out soon based on a book with a few smiths mentions. The main characters favourite song is Asleep. Its a cracking book and well worth a read. The trailer for the film came out recently and if you skip to 2:08 there are one or two smiths...
  8. tomsidg

    Chile Viña Del Mar

    Thanks for this. Great cover art
  9. tomsidg

    The Smiths - Ultimate Gig

    works for me. cheers!
  10. tomsidg

    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2007

    all put £10 towards it? who has a a good repuatation on here with the ability to upload it? I'd be quite happy paying in to a paypal account if they promised to upload it.
  11. tomsidg

    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2007

    anyone fancy trying to buy this; also the one that was for sale for $500 has dissapeared from did someone buy it or has it been removed?
  12. tomsidg

    Harry Hill TV burp tickets released
  13. tomsidg

    Oasis - Let's All Make Believe found it for you matey
  14. tomsidg

    babes of the bnp prefer morrissey to eric clapton

    charming! i feel less loved than mike joyce
  15. tomsidg

    babes of the bnp prefer morrissey to eric clapton

    I won't run any further than the troxy, as long as he doesn't cancel again
  16. tomsidg

    babes of the bnp prefer morrissey to eric clapton

    balls - as you can see my miminal posts since 2006 are for a reason. ah well i'll crawl back in to my hole. sorry to you all....especially kewpie
  17. tomsidg

    babes of the bnp prefer morrissey to eric clapton at least they have good musical taste. f***ing idiots though
  18. tomsidg

    Morrissey at O2 Wireless

    the show is now on 4od. just watched it for the first time after constantly looking for vids of the gig from the tellly on here and elsewhere. bit annoying that you have to watch the ads inbetween the different parts but still better than downloading a large torrent of the full gig. does...
  19. tomsidg

    Moz songs you didnt like til you saw them live

    i really enjoyed i'll never be anybody's hero now live. quite liked it on the album (although it is similar to i am two people) but when i saw him do it live i was blown away by how powerful the chorus is. combination of the band putting a bit more welly into it and the bright lights during the...
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