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  1. Mozzaa

    Express: "The Smiths split ‘bruised me emotionally, it turned to s*** with Morrissey’ – Johnny Marr" via Uncut Magazine (January 13, 2022)

  2. Mozzaa

    This Charming Naan

    Sweet and Tender Bhuna-gan
  3. Mozzaa

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Must buy bread and milk tomorrow
  4. Mozzaa

    So many people defending Morrissey's racist statement

    if Moz is racist so what? stop reading his interviews, stop buying his music i think most people have stopped giving a toss it's just the same wondering about his sexuality... if he's gay he's gay, he's just expressing himself. He likes playing with fire, let him if he gets burned one day he...
  5. Mozzaa

    Who Have/Are You Voting For?

    As today's the big day wondering who everyons voting for?
  6. Mozzaa

    Morrissey revelation LP

    Re: Morrissey "Revelation" Vinyl LP On Ebay The songs on the l.p are available in the download section, I would think there the same quailty as the downloads all ready available
  7. Mozzaa

    Echo Arena

    To quash rumours it wasn't a bottle of any discription that hit him it would have been a plastic cup... I definatley saw liquid hit him but missed a 'object' basically the knob who threw it doesn't know Morrissey at all and is a waste of sperm......
  8. Mozzaa

    Some videos

    not of the top of my head :blushing:
  9. Mozzaa

    Some videos

    Re: Some videos. Any chance of the full Leeds audio? would be awfully grateful!
  10. Mozzaa

    Hey it's Kyle from the Leeds show hope Sheffield was good! My girlfriend noticed my hints and...

    Hey it's Kyle from the Leeds show hope Sheffield was good! My girlfriend noticed my hints and got us tickets to the Liverpool concert!
  11. Mozzaa

    Leeds pre gig meet up

    I say bourbon myself I've been in afew times on a night out it's got beer what more do you need!?
  12. Mozzaa

    Leeds pre gig meet up

    Oh most probably
  13. Mozzaa

    Leeds pre gig meet up

    there is bourbon bar which is just as closer and better than walkabout bit of a studenty bar and they play indie all the time! I'd say here is best bet i came before the last gig icame to at the academy. See you all about hopefully!!!!
  14. Mozzaa

    What to expect?

    well if you're going to cue early then food! the o2 is quite a squeeze when full, and the toliet is a nightmare to get to it's down the narrowist staircase ever. That's about it o no one more thing if you're at the front watch your head for crowdsurfers! see you there ameigo!
  15. Mozzaa

    The Morrissey Michael Jackson Phenomenon

    Don't Forget Morrissey Wrote A Song Called Michael's Bones WOWAAAA Spokey :crazy:
  16. Mozzaa

    The Morrissey Michael Jackson Phenomenon

    There Isn't One I Just Thought I'd Take The Michael :cool: Out Of The Diana One :guitar:
  17. Mozzaa

    Michael Jackson RIP

    Re: Mj dead This Is Bad It's Bad Really Really bad ;)
  18. Mozzaa

    Belgian Teenager Fell Asleep During A Tattoo Gone Wrong!

    i lol'd soooooo hard when i read this in the metro
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