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    Comment by 'angelunimportant' in 'Paint a vulgar picture'

    At the moment I'm having trouble seeing anything other then pain. I wish I could get my friend to see me as more but I'm way too honest with him so it's becoming less and less likely every time I speak to him.
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    Paint a vulgar picture

    Just been emailing my ex about a few things left that need to be sorted. He says he's angry with me, he says I'm treating him like shit because I only contact him when I want to organise getting his things out of my house. How can he not know it's because it hurts too much to talk to him? I was...
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    Must I Go Bound

    Must I go bound while you go free? Must I love one who doesn't love me? Must I be born with so little art As to love a one would break my heart? I put my finger into the bush I thought I found a lovely flower The thorn it pierced me to a touch And so I left the rose behind I...
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    Close your eyes, and think of somone you physically admire.....

    Well my current plan on getting over him really isn't working, I'm trying so hard to find someone else, someone who actually wants me back but still all I him of is him. If I'm out with someone else I don't wanna be there, I can't concentrate, they're just not him. I spend my time thinking...
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    For once in my life........

    We went out again yesterday, we always have so much fun talking and laughing. We played hangman on the way back, swapping the small note pad back and forth, every time our fingers touched..... I started to feel the compulsion to tell him how I felt, I knew it was a bad idea and would just make...
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    Confusion is a way of life

    So I have actually joined a few dating sites (no judgement please) I'm lonely and I'm now too old to just go in a bar and pick someone up. This guy wants to meet me, he seems interesting but the only day he can do is Wednesday and I'm spending that with Tom (friend I've fallen for). I'm...
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    My heart is a lost cause

    I went to the zoo with him yesterday, just the 2 of us. It was so easy and comfortable, we talked and laughed in ways I can't with anyone else. We played chess on a little travel set I'd bought him for when he was finding communication difficult but as it was we talked all the way through the...
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    Comment by 'angelunimportant' in 'Hello again'

    Thankyou honey xx
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    Hello again

    According to this site I joined in 2006, it seems so long ago and in some ways I was such a different person back then. Though of course in some ways I'm exactly the same. I still struggle with bad thoughts and the compulsion to self-harm, I slipped up a few days ago which resulted in 9...
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