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    Helsingborg cancelled

    So, has any of you taken the offer for the "free" Hultsfred ticket?
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    Helsinborg, Sweden 14th July

    Apperantly the concert is cancelled:ällt--tickets?omq=morrissey Anyboy anymore info?
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    Helsinborg, Sweden 14th July

    Helsingborg: yes. Sadly it's likely my only Morrissey concert this tour. Angående tid att vara där så gissar jag på lunchtid i o m att det är en vardag och en ganska lite stad. Borås '09 räckte det med att komma vid två-treish men i Stockholm var man illa ute om man kom vid elva. Troligtvis...
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    pre show music tape (not the videos)

    It was. John Barry Orchestra - Thunderball (written by John Barry).
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    Sweden Roll call!

    It's not far but it may be hard if you've never been there before, the best way is to take a tram from Drottningtorget (just by Central Station) and take a tram to Korsvägen (right by Liseberg and Scandinavium). It's been a while since I've been to Göteborg but I'm pretty sure tram #4 (mot...
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    Sweden Roll call!

    Hey everybody! To celebrate Morrissey's three concerts in Sweden Radio P3's programme P3 Live will aired 30 min of a concert 1985, The Apollo Theatre, Oxford (by The Smiths of course) this Friday! On their site there's a lost full of information about Moz's lyrics and especiallt the...
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    Sweden Roll call!

    If you by "main airport" mean Landvetter then bus is your best option (acctually bus or taxi are your only options). Göteborg City Airport isn't its main air port, it's acctually one of it smallest and is called "Sävö". There's probably busses from it aswell but honestly I wouldn't be...
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    Sweden Roll call!

    Någon pub hade ju varit gött, men jag har inte så bra koll på Göteborg så jag känner inte till någon bra i närheten.
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    Sweden Roll call!

    Haha, det bådar gott! It's hard to say but from my experience you have to be there before 15. If I remember correctly he first mentioned his love for Marabou chocolate back in an interview in 2002, and especially that he tought that "Plopp" was a funny name for a chocolate. I'm not sure...
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    Sweden Roll call!

    Jag är på.
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    Sweden Roll call!

    Nice to so that so many are coming, especially from abroad. Here's a little check list for all concert-goers: 1. Don't forget the STHLM afterparty! As a moz-soloer you're expected to attend! 2. It's a tradition since 2002 now, don't forget the Plopp! 3. Be in a great jevla mood, another...
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    Sweden Roll call!

    18:e juni - Borås, Åhaga 22:e juni - Göteborg, Lisebergshallen 24:e juni - Stockholm, Hovet Are you ready for the best shows of this tour so far? Vi ses och fram till dess, ha det gött! :guitar: // Chartie
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    Oslo roll call

    On the other hand, there were rumours that "Pregnant For The Last Time" was soundchecked during the American leg.
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    Oslo roll call

    I wish I was going. Still I hope it'll be an ace concert.
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    Toy Selectah mix of Carol

    Oh my God... that was just horrible.
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    Happy Birthday Boz!

    Happy happy birthday Boz! :guitar:
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    all things punk/hardcore

    Love refused, too bad they're gone. The old band members still makes good music though. Like Text especially. And Sandström solo. Other good bands that hasn't been mantioned (as far as I've seen) + recommended album: (some crust, screamo and other as well) And So She Died - Sorry Fols We...
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    Pirate Bay guilty of copyright infringement; one-year prison sentence, 2.5 mil Euro

    Re: Pirate Bay guilty of copyright infringement; one-year prison sentence, 2.5 mil Eu WTF? "The huge fine suggests that the audit of The Pirate Bay's accounts must have shown significant funds". = No, not in such a general way. Not according to Swedish law. anyway. "Which means The...
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    Morrissey Swedish "tour"

    If you're in central GBG communications should be no problem. Atleast not before 02.00. Taxis are something like 500+ SEK per hour so it ain't cheap.
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