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  1. yasyas

    Ranking: Every Song by The Smiths from Worst to Best - Consequence Of Sound ('revisited' 21 Feb)

    meat is murder ranked #70, huh? How could a bone-chilling song be considered bad? oscillate wildly made me tear up numerous times because it's simply beyond genius, and I just stopped reading the list after spotting miserable lie ranked #67!
  2. yasyas

    Morrissey’s autobiography (first edition)

    no, not all in fact he was upset when he knew about it.
  3. yasyas

    Morrissey’s autobiography (first edition)

    hi, I was searching for morrissey’s autobiography the non-edited edition on the internet and i stumbled upon this one on ebay but Im still kinda confused, it says it’s the first edition so im assuming is not editing anything out but I also read somewhere that all the US edition of the book are...
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  5. yasyas

    Morrissey's Kill Uncle turned 27 last March 4: after all this time what are your opinions on it?

    How come kill uncle is hated? I love this album so dearly and i think it shows a very venerable side of morrissey's songwriting, the tunes are joyful and playful I can't compare it to any other album he made. Mute Witness, Asian Rut and Tony the Pony are quite the highlights of this album in my...
  6. yasyas

    Out of stock items on Mporium

    hi guys, does anyone know how long does it take to resock out of stock shirts on morrissey’s store?
  7. yasyas

    Jake Walters: another unseen Morrissey photo (mid '90s)

    "Where do you think that brick ended up?" hehe, I can't tell if he's referring to the brick on the ground or morrissey
  8. yasyas

    Never seen Morrissey live

    I myself never seen him live too, and I know for sure I'll never will. But here's my dream setlist anyway: the queen is dead hairdresser on fire sister I'm a poet spring-heeled jim will never marry alsatian cousin tony the pony i'm not a man death at one's elbow nobody loves us the...
  9. yasyas

    Morrissey accosted in Rome - police officer demands "papers" - Sam Esty Rayner Photography / FB

    A cop screaming in the face of morrissey? man I wanna watch the whole thing!
  10. yasyas

    The Queen is Dead - German import

    anybody here own TQID the German import (vinyl)? what are the differences between this version and the others? will the lyrics be written in German, because this is mostly what am concerned about.
  11. yasyas

    Vaxuhall and I outtakes (MP3)

    because not all of the VAI tracks have outtakes, only some of them.
  12. yasyas

    How does morrissey like his tea?

    Quite random, but I need to know
  13. yasyas

    What are your top 10 favorite male singers?

    Elliott Smith Jim Morrison (the doors) Rodriguez Morrissey Elvis Presley Bob Dylan Ian Curtis (joy division) Bruce Dickson (iron maiden) Robert Plant (led zeppelin) Kurt Cobain (nirvana)
  14. yasyas

    Where can I watch the full interview of Morrissey on The Colbert Report?

    not available on youtube :( any other place where I can watch or download?
  15. yasyas

    Vaxuhall and I outtakes (MP3)

    hi everyone, i got these outtakes tracks of vaxuhall and i album from thesmithstorrents and they were as FLAC files at first -which means they cannot work on my phone- I converted them to mp3 and made cover for the album and thought maybe someone else need them in that format so I uploaded them...
  16. yasyas

    RIP George Michael

    yeah, he died in his sleep, so it was probably a heart failure.
  17. yasyas

    TTY: Death is not the final word - Morrissey statement on TOMITA

    Was this written by morrissey?? Does he write here often? I will check this album right away ✨
  18. yasyas

    Everyday is like Sunday single cover

    Hi guys I just want to know who took the photos of this single cover, I've made my search and I don't have my own copy so I can't tell for sure
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