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  1. tivvissey

    Morrissey Central "Mamma Lay Softly" (August 15, 2020)

    Nerak dont bite. He is pitiful. And perhaps this thread doesn't need this mud slinging.
  2. tivvissey

    Off-topic fight thread

    Well done on logging out and commenting as a guest. Twat
  3. tivvissey

    Off-topic fight thread

    Reagrdless......But I think we can all agree that you are a c***. And if you can't see why...then you are an utter c***. Why would you pick holes at a statement of someone grieving? What the f*** is wrong with you?
  4. tivvissey

    Poll I am not a dog on a chain - rated

    Probably true. But does that apply to you? Not me. When I love an album. It's set in stone.
  5. tivvissey

    Rank the tracks on IANADOAC

    Each to their own. I like it. ?
  6. tivvissey

    Rank the tracks on IANADOAC

    Lots of good songs don't have a chorus.
  7. tivvissey

    Poll I am not a dog on a chain - rated

    On first impressions. How do you rate the new album?
  8. tivvissey

    Rank the tracks on IANADOAC

    first impressions jim jim falls // 8 love is on the way out // 7 bobby don’t you think they know? // 7 i am not a dog on a chain // 8 what kind of people live in these houses?// 8.5 knockabout world // 7.5 darling, i hug a pillow // 8 once i saw the river clean // 8 the truth about ruth // 6...
  9. tivvissey

    Request: I’m Not A Dog On A Chain pre-release / leaked

    i presume there is someone uploading just now? :p :LOL:?
  10. tivvissey

    New song teasers

    The new songs are sounding great from what I have heard so far.
  11. tivvissey

    Sartorially speaking, he’s at his trampy vest

    Have you been snorting vimto again?
  12. tivvissey

    "Knockabout World" released on YouTube / streaming platforms (Feb. 21, 2020)!AqfifDa-tLGgi-FQLsjcCKXVN7B7Gg?e=zhbdpI
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