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  1. Jones

    If The Smiths had never existed, could they break through in 2010?

    Wasn't talking about good. I was talking about odd or surprising. And there is nothing surprising about Gaga. She was probably created by a marketing focus group.
  2. Jones

    If The Smiths had never existed, could they break through in 2010?

    No. There's no room for oddness in today's music scene. Everything is prepackaged and marketed. When was the last time someone genuinely surprising made it?
  3. Jones

    Andy Rourke Interview

    Sounds vindictive to me and an attempt to humiliate someone.
  4. Jones

    Harry Hill has been asked to scrap Smiths medley from his album

    Well doesn't Marr cite one of his reasons for leaving The Smiths being the recording of a Cilla Black song? He's not above being a bit precious sometimes.
  5. Jones

    Morrissey cancelled all forthcoming interviews

    Re: OMG, Morrissey cancelled all forthcoming interviews I agree with whoever said they don't understand why his people book him on these sort of engagements. It's obvious they scare him silly and he chickens out at the last minute.
  6. Jones

    Freebass on Haçienda Records - “Two Worlds Collide EP”

    It's not Andy Rourke's band any more. He's left.
  7. Jones

    Morrissey is evil according to Tony Wilson

    I think it's just simply that Morrissey was never part of the in crowd of Manchester. The people deemed to be worthy of pop stardom by Wilson. Hence the fact that he ended up being a bigger success than all Wilson's chosen ones was a thorn in the side.
  8. Jones

    Moz at Patti Smith last night
  9. Jones

    Andy Rourke

    Even Andy's supporters must see that this is a bit of a comedown surely? Andy had a lot of opportunities to work with decent artists after the Smiths, but you need to be reliable to keep getting work like that. Even with his djing he seems to think he can just turn up late, drink vodka all...
  10. Jones

    Morrissey racist?

    We all knew already that Morrissey sometimes has an infantile, inappropriate sense of humour and a lack of social skills, didn't we. :D
  11. Jones

    Moz interviews Linder 'Interview' mag. March issue

    I think Linder means to be affected. That's the whole point of this "conversation". It's meant to be an artwork in itself. I doubt Morrrissey and Linder converse like this in normal life.
  12. Jones

    Where is Morrissey?

    According to Twitter, in Chorlton in The Unicorn yesterday
  13. Jones

    Sandie Shaw wrote lengthy about Moz in her book(scans)

    I think it's because she comes across as superior and more than a little snarky. She pretends she's being nice but really she's having a bit of a dig.
  14. Jones

    Morrissey's singing voice - when was it best?

    The Autotune ruined YOR for me.
  15. Jones

    Morrissey interview

    Oh please. It's clear it was a windup.
  16. Jones

    Morrissey interview

    It's just nonsense. The quote about who Morrissey thinks should win Big Brother sealed it. The writer is obviously watching BB and just wanted to crowbar his own opinion in. About his level. There's no way a journalist would allow a photographer to scoop an exclusive interview on a crappy...
  17. Jones

    Hairdresser on Fire - a social satire?

    I think a hell of a lot of Morrissey's songs are satire. There seems to be a general assumption that writing a song about something equates to approval. See the response to Last of the Famous as an equivalent example. It's not a glorification of gangsters at all to me, it's Morrissey saying what...
  18. Jones

    Morrissey interview

    Or the troll who made up the story, more likely. :D
  19. Jones

    Rourke jams with Smiths Tribute band in Brooklyn

    No, the best place to hear Smiths songs played live is at a Morrissey gig. With the original singer who wrote them. And his band may not play the songs exactly as they sound note for note on the records, but they play them better than any tribute band will ever manage. That's because they are a...
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