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    The Smiths A-Z: "Meat Is Murder"

    I've been vegetarian for 34 years now but it wasn't due to this song. I find it a pretty dreary and sanctimonious. It's also something of a figure of fun: my wife teases me sometimes by saying IT'S MURDER in her best Morrissey voice.
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    The Queen Is Dead - Isolated Stems

    It's a little bit time consuming to process the tracks but I'd be very happy to host them if anyone felt the urge to do some more albums.
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    The Queen Is Dead - Isolated Stems

    Apologies. This link should work now.
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    The Queen Is Dead - Isolated Stems

    I put them all on the Notion site I linked to above. I think.
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    The Queen Is Dead - Isolated Stems

    Hello! I stumbled across a piece of software called Demucs, which does a surprisingly good job of separating isolated stems from MP3s. I fed it The Queen Is Dead and thought I'd share the results with anyone interested. You can find them here. Here's a sample. Not sure why Johnny's guitar gets...
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    Screenshot 2022-04-24 at 22.21.40.png

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    Upcoming Record Collector Smiths special (release April 21, 2022)

    Record Collector Magazine has done a special on The Smiths. I was expecting it just to be a feature so it's nice to see that it's got some kind of special edition. I haven't seen the issue myself yet but in my experience, they do some good research so it's likely worth a look. I contributed to...
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    The Smiths cover.jpg

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    Top 10 Smiths bootlegs info needed

    Thank you. I've sent Chris a mail.
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    The Smiths - This Charming Man (Desolated Mix)

    I tend to think of Smiths recordings as sacrosanct but I really like this. Great job. Kept the original spirit of the song while still being quite adventurous.
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    [Download] Morrissey - Wolverhampton - 1988.12.22 - Silas Remaster

    Your mother's letter arrived today. She has a good hand. Thank you, Silas. Lovely job. I've uploaded it to the archive in Miscellaneous / Post-Smiths. The folder there could use a tidy up, which I'll get to at some point. Eight years ago I made this comparison with Hulmerist, in case anyone is...
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    MOJO Magazine: Johnny Marr teases “Strangeways” box set (November Issue, number 336)

    I hadn't heard that before. I know that he did some recordings that didn't see the light of day, such as the Derby gig, but this is the first time that I've heard he recorded the Strangeways session.
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    Looking for the best source of Morrissey 1988 Wolverhampton Video

    Ha! I didn't know it was on the archive, but then I don't pay much attention to anything Morrissey-related past 1987.
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    Looking for the best source of Morrissey 1988 Wolverhampton Video

    I don't know much about Morrissey's solo recordings so someone will likely know better than me. Obviously it was recorded by Tim Broad and Sister I'm a Poet was included on Hulmerist. A version of that video, with a timecode, was released via Smithstorrents a while ago as an MP4. PJLM has more...
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    Cassette bootleg collection

    As such collections go, this is a good one. If I had a bit more time or energy I'd carefully check for recordings that I don't have. Currently for sale.
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