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  1. maximo

    "Why do you come here?" - The Day I Met Morrissey

    I was reviewing the gig last night and managed to run into the man himself as well -as a lifelong fan it was quite the occasion so I'm glad I got a picture to go with it :) Full account is detailed here: "Why do you come here?" - The Day I Met Morrissey - Stop The Lights Read and enjoy :)
  2. maximo

    Oxegen festival confirmed?

    Oxegen, which is a 3-day festival in Ireland for those of you who don't know, have a list of artists profiles about the acts playing and low and behold Moz is on it despite not being announced as of yet...I'm praying that it's not a mistake! The festival runs on the 10th, 11th and 12th of July...
  3. maximo

    Info for the Hamburg gig

    Guten tag! Me and a friend are heading over to the hamburg gig, we havent got tickets yet but are hoping to pick up a couple over there - is there likely to be touts outside the gig? Is the venue itself easy to get to? We're staying in the Best Western on Hammer Landstrasse so if anyone...
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