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  1. guru_mosh

    19 Bootleg CDs from the 90s - 10 x The Smiths / 9 x Morrissey for sale

    All for sale. Each 17 € excl. shipment. Or 210 € for the complete package excl. shipment. I ship worldwide if necessary, but preferably only within the EU. Payment via PP Friends or international money transaction.
  2. guru_mosh

    Official YouTube "Love Is On Its Way Out" & instant grat MP3 released (January 31, 2020)

    ... available for download, when pre-ordered via Maybe elsewhere too... YouTube link courtesy of NickD & @Raphael Lambach: Media items: Live4Ever: Morrissey releases Love Is On Its Way Out single from new album I Am Not A Dog On A Chain - January 31, 2020 NME...
  3. guru_mosh

    Download: Lover-To-Be 7" (FLAC, 2019, RSD)

    A - Lover-To-Be B - I Thought You Were Dead Download FLAC
  4. guru_mosh

    Website containing Interviews with Morrissey concert visitors

    hi, years ago I stumbled upon a website on which a lot of visitors of a Morrissey-Concert were interviewed. It was some kind of an image gallery and each picture was clickable and linked to a short video interview. I can't the remember the URL of that site ... can anyone help me? thanks, guru
  5. guru_mosh

    Morrissey/Smiths Pictures - Searching for a website

    hi, years ago I stumbled about a webpage containing some really old pictures of his mozness. as far as I remember there were pictures of his parents and many more older stuff. the page was separated in a smiths- and a morrissey-section. sadly I forgotten the URL of the page. any idea...
  6. guru_mosh

    DL: Morrissey - Berlin - 171206 - The Broadcast

    DL: Morrissey - Berlin - 171206 - The Broadcast (Upload finished!) Wow, what a Show! And I was there. :) Morrissey - Live in Berlin, Arena Treptow, 17th of December 2006 DOWNLOAD Radio Eins Broadcast, 9th of January 2007 Technisat Digitale Satellite...
  7. guru_mosh

    Berlin - 17.12.06 - The Artwork

    14 minutes left to Broadcast - Here is the artwork! :-D Enjoy, share, don't sell, guru
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