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  1. Gaetano

    CBS This Morning (2017) footage?

    Does anyone have footage of the three songs that CBS This Morning broadcasted from a concert from his US tour around the time? I found Spent The Day in Bed footage on YouTube, but if my memory serves me correct they also showed a performance of How Soon is Now? and one other track. Cheers Here...
  2. Gaetano

    Question Backdrop image?

    Is anyone able to identify the backdrop image here. The one with the two blokes and a cigarette. I checked through but I couldn't seem to spot it.
  3. Gaetano

    'Passions Just Like Mine' Gone?

    I just attempted to browse PJLM and it seems that the domain has expired. Sad indeed 😥
  4. Gaetano

    New vid from forum 99

  5. Gaetano

    Passions Just Like Mine (2008)?

    Does anyone have a digital copy of the Passions Just Like Mine fan documentary from 2008 that they're able to share? Thanks in advance!
  6. Gaetano

    "Morrissey vs the Conformist Cult" By Anything Goes (Paul Joseph Watson)

    Related item: Morrissey Central: "Turning The Inside Out." (July 5, 2021)
  7. Gaetano

    'My Hurling Days Are Done' and 'Once I Saw The River Clean' Teasers

    I believe these are simply recorded while on playing a record player, so the sound isn't as clear My Hurling Days Are Done: Once I Saw The River Clean (snippet):
  8. Gaetano

    Morrissey Central "HONEY, YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME" (March 4, 2020)

    HONEY, YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME - Morrissey Central March 4, 2020 Special 10-inch picture disc sprawled across the carpet for artistic affect. Three additional tracks on the B-side. Available somewhere, somehow, soon. A BMG release. The face belongs to Lili St Cyr. Related item...
  9. Gaetano

    Favourite track from 'California Son'?

    Just wondering what everyone's favourite is...
  10. Gaetano

    Lady willpower?

    Apparently its already been released in some parts of the world. Is anyone able to post a download link? Much appreciated! :)
  11. Gaetano

    "Lady Willpower" release - official lyric video posted for May 17, 2019

    Set to premier tomorrow: Posted by Famous when dead: YT official audio link found by The Doc via the downloads section:
  12. Gaetano

    Golden Days Before They End - Morrissey Central (27 Feb, 2019) An image of Curtis Butler: Related item: Curtis Butler Has Died - Morrissey Central (16 Feb, 2019) - Feb. 16, 2019
  13. Gaetano

    Where's This Picture From?

    This picture's been circulating on the internet today and it's the first time I've seen it: Does anyone know where it's from?
  14. Gaetano

    Full SXSW Interview?

    Is there a full version of this interview? Thanks! :)
  15. Gaetano

    NFL - Morrissey Central (31st December) 'Spent The Day In Bed' instrumental featured during an NFL segment.
  16. Gaetano

    Boy George on Morrissey - Build

    Boy George on his love of Morrissey and the influence he has had on him. Starts at 18:20
  17. Gaetano

    The Human Voice Is The Soul - Morrissey Central (Dec. 16th, 2018) The text: I am lost to know how to express my thanks for this recent tour. Joyful is not a word that trips easily off my tongue, but joyful it was. There seemed to me to be an even deeper emotional response, and...
  18. Gaetano

    IHTWTWYS (Slow version) + WDYFOFY (Electric)

    Can someone share a download link to the sow version of "It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small" and the electric version of "Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself"? Thanks!
  19. Gaetano

    Some Random Songs

    I would greatly appreciate it if someone could share a download link to any of these songs: Oh Well, I'll Never Learn Work is A Four Letter Word I Keep Mine Hidden What's The World Jeane Human Being Interlude (solo version) To Give (The Reason I Live) (Live25)
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