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  1. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'I`m So Sick And Tired'

    That’s progress, honey. Sometimes it’s smooth and flowing. And then sometimes it’s a lot of conflict followed by more conflict. I’m glad you’re putting in the effort. You deserve a meaningful life as much as anyone. Hugs.
  2. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'The Plight of the Introvert'

    I’m so far into the introvert end of the spectrum I can barely see socializing from here!
  3. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Disorder'

    Being good to yourself is an accomplishment, in my opinion. I’m proud of you for helping yourself. And that’s also an accomplishment:) There’s a helpful meditation exercise that involves saying “thought” for a thought and “feeling” for a feeling. The next layer of the exercise is to say...
  4. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Still I Cling'

    I’m happy to read that you’re staying away from it because I know how hard that habit is to break. You are strong indeed. Please keep being good to yourself :)
  5. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Sleeping in Seattle'

    Permanently, I hope! It is cooler, yes, and I'm loving it. And nearly everyone I've met here is open and has manners. It's taking some getting used to haha
  6. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Anthony Bourdain State of Mind'

    Dear Charlie, Happy to see you here. I agree that forethought is a part of all suicides. Like you say, how could it not be? The list of the achievements that are aches, distant failures that persist to the day, and the capacity to replay them endlessly leaves me surprised that the world isn’t...
  7. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Anthony Bourdain State of Mind'

    Enjoy may be a less than apt description for the contents of an obituary, even if it’s a memorial to life, and yet I can say I enjoyed your fond farewell to Mr. Bourdain. If we outlive ourselves, this approximates the best way we can go about haunting posterity: to have our loves and lusts, how...
  8. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Sleeping in Seattle'

    A certain poet you know is now in Oregon! Glad to hear you enjoyed the northwest. Talk soon?
  9. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Christmas postcards'

    Quality photos there, sir. Your kids are very lucky to have a dad like you :)
  10. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'I Still Do Feel So Horribly Lonely'

    Hey! Good to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving. Feeling lonely around family / friends happens. I know it happens to me too. I still think about self-harm. I think that's because it was part of my life for so long. Have you ever tried a weighted blanket? They're expensive, but they can...
  11. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Blogging Moz Live(ish)'

    How was it?
  12. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Moz at the Marquee'

    Have experience! Will travel!
  13. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Moz at the Marquee'

    You're such a cool mom! I'm debating the Phoenix concert. I have such wonderful memories that I want them keep as they are, if that makes sense? I'll go into work for David, depending on what he does lol;)
  14. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Spent the day in SFMOMA'

    She's fortunate to have such a good father, you're fortunate to have a great kid :)
  15. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Honolulu Here We Come!'

    There's plenty to do in five days or five weeks. You won't be lacking for activities. If your mom appreciates quality cuisine like you do, it might be worth planning around food, food, food. For peace and quiet there are the smaller islands, some of which are accessible only if you're invited...
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    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Giving Up Or Being Realistic'

    I've thought about the "giving up versus being realistic" issue. If giving up habits of thought and feeling that only mess with my life - and consequently the lives of my friends sometimes - then those habits are worth "giving up." I'm trying to give up habits like black and white thinking...
  17. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Missing You Still'

    I haven't listened to Harris' podcast much. I've never been into podcasts much. So many other things to do here.
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    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Missing You Still'

    As do I. It's been five years since his death fairly recently, hasn't it? I've been reading his "Mortality" and his extended essay on Thomas Jefferson, both very rewarding reads in many ways: how to live well, how to die well, how to be and how not to be. He will be missed. Except by most...
  19. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'I am Becoming Vain!'

    looking sharp! i had a deep dental cleaning recently. it was great! my mouth feels so much cleaner! i hope that you're done healing by now and back to the nightclubs and bars and such ;)
  20. scumbag

    Comment by 'scumbag' in 'Peace'

    nice post. I'm rather envious of your rowing machine. I would love to have one again. Alas, money money money. Yah, as I've gotten older, I find that doing the ordinary things is easier. And that it's easier to do them in a way that's sort of mildly graceful, perhaps. Grateful, too.
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