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  1. farcM

    The Smiths - "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" LP Troy Tate sessions

    Hi I've got this item for sale, in excellent state. The Smiths - "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" [LP edition - band photo cover] Troy tate sessions "" 30 € plus postage Let me know if interested. Thanks for reading... Marc (France)
  2. farcM

    Morrissey - Smiths books for sale

    Hi, Moving house, so I've got those books to sell : in English : - The Smiths: The Visual Documentary by Johnny Rogan (good -) => 5 € SOLD - Morrissey: In His Own Words by John Robertson (good -) => 5 € - Morrissey and Marr: The Severed Alliance by Johnny Rogan - hardcover (v.good) => 10 € -...
  3. farcM

    3 vinyls to sell & questions

    Hi, I'd like to sell those 3 items but don't know where to look to get an idea about the price to ask. I'm aiming at this : Fair trade is nice : both parts are happy. - Morrissey - Maladjusted LP Island. New. never played, no crease. (I played the CD, my turntable was unusable at that time)...
  4. farcM

    Morrissey/Smiths books & fanzines to sell

    Hi, I'm selling those items, all in very good condtion : - Morrissey - Peepholism - paperback, 1st edition ==> 54 € - Morrissey Shot - paperback, 1st edition ==> 25 € - Morrissey - Les Inrockuptibles - interview Vol.1 Le Rock Anglais, hardback, 1st edition ==> 24 € And those ones as a package...
  5. farcM

    Suede – Barriers

    As fate would have it, after roughly a 10 years absence for both, on the same day we got Bowie's new song (very honorable, imo), & Suede's Barriers (not mentioned on this forum so far, I believe). Free download here To my ears "Where are we now ?" is very...
  6. farcM

    Items for sale - Morrissey / Smiths and more

    Hi I've got some records to sale including some Morrissey / Smiths. Please have a look at my list (attached). The items prices are included, postage is to be added. Don't hesitate to contact me for details ! I'm sending the items from France. Marc
  7. farcM

    Rare items Morrissey / Smiths and beyond for sale

    Hello all, Difficult choice for me but, I'm parting with these first (maybe more to come), in order to finance some of my own recordings and buy some gear... I may go the ebay way later on but for now, please contact me w/ an offer if interested in something : MORRISSEY Maladjusted LP...
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