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  1. vivaissy

    The one hour challenge

    came across this idea recently and thought it was a good idea...what can you do in an hour? here is my effort it's my first ever, but it was fun to do, which is kinda the point :D
  2. vivaissy

    Glasgow Barrowland Tickets

    Hi Guys, Depression of depressions has loomed...I have to sell my Glasgow Barrowlands Tickets for May :tears: . I'm in desperate need of money and have to make some sacrificies...but no one is taking my two Manchester Mozzy birthday or Aylesbury dates away from me!!! If you're interested I've...
  3. vivaissy

    Delirium Tremens

    have a new video! see here its also on their myspace me likes :D but then i would say that wouldnt i? :P
  4. vivaissy

    delirium tremens delirium tremens - sugar delirium tremens
  5. vivaissy

    james in carlisle

    tim booth dancing! <3 (love the lil kick on this un!)
  6. vivaissy

    reading/leeds festival

    first time for me at leeds ;) usually go reading but i got tickets for leeds cos reading sold out by the time i actually got thro to the tickets. ...anyone else going?
  7. vivaissy

    morrissey/smiths guitar tabs

    hey, just wondering if someone can help me... i'm learning to play the guitar for fun and want to learn some smiths/morrissey songs ive found loads of tabs but find them really difficult to understand! can anyone either point me in the direction of easy for n00bies smiths tabs or explain...
  8. vivaissy

    kaiser chiefs album

    has anyone got it yet?
  9. vivaissy

    morrissey slash

    thanks :)
  10. vivaissy

    new music

    just some of what i've been listening to at the minute :) the victorian english gentlemens club album i was a cub scout - pink squares the wombats (little miss pipedream, moving to new york, lost in...
  11. vivaissy

    good shoes

    anyone like them? here is a zip of a load of their stuff:
  12. vivaissy


    my brothers band is being played on steve lamacqs radio1 show tonight!!! please tune in to listen to them!...they are on sometime between 9pm and 10pm (UK time) aand i'm introducing them!! (but ignore that bit!) they are called tilt city ghosts their myspace is
  13. vivaissy

    help a stupid little girl

    whats all this about songs on itunes? anyone got them? when are the songs from? any info would be lurvely and uploads would be cool ;) thx ppl lovelovelove issy
  14. vivaissy

    anyone else have the boxing day blues?

    family are all entertaining themselves and i'm just on me tod with nowt to do. phoned all me mates, for the most part they are having terrible christmas' too which makes me feel a little better! :p talk to me someone...
  15. vivaissy

    pull tiger tail

    anyone like them? saw them in liverpool a few weeks ago and they are brilliant
  16. vivaissy

    Tilt City Ghosts (your new favourite band!!!)

    have you all checked out TCG yet? here is their myspace page: they're gonna be massive! check them out and have a listen and download their tracks! what do you all think?
  17. vivaissy

    moz/smiths t-shirts query

    anyonne know of a good and cheap place to get moz/smiths t-shirts (other than ebay) thanks issy
  18. vivaissy

    morrissey frink appreciation thread!

    i appreciate it. like alot. maybe a little too much. viva mozzy frink!
  19. vivaissy

    tilt city ghosts

    didnt know where to post this, because it is off topic but it is also about a band. so i plumped for off topic because i know more of you post here! please check out this band called tilt city ghosts they are the band formerly called the perfect please sign...
  20. vivaissy

    wolve-y, a message to you...

    halo :) just was wasting time and noticed that your post count is rather high (you are the post count leader!) and i just wanted to challenge you, because i've got nothing better to do! :rolleyes: can you get to 1000posts before the end of the week?? :)
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