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  1. That's Enough For Me

    The Origin Of Morrissey Dissent

    I was reflecting on how there are more posts on this site from 'fans' who disparage Morrissey than there are those who support him. It got me wondering as to what era this dissent started creeping in. I know much of it is simply posted to counter balance the sycophants who then up their level...
  2. That's Enough For Me

    I'm Not A Man Scream

    I apologise now if I'm the 1700th person to observe this but it suddenly occurred to me when listening to I'm Not A Man that the screaming sound is very similar to these heard at the start and at 0:19 etc. Was this the origin of the sound effect perhaps?
  3. That's Enough For Me

    Remembering 'Why'

    In the few times I post on here, my content is often negative, my ire aimed towards Moz's declining quality of output. It winds up the blind sheep so I keep it to myself mostly. On Saturday however, I attended the Salford Lads Club open day and photoshoot with Stephen Wright after having...
  4. That's Enough For Me

    Whatever Happens, I Love You

    During a recent hard drive crash, I lost my copy of this article from the now defunct magazine. Does anyone have a copy? Thanks.
  5. That's Enough For Me

    Whatever Happens I Love You by Katie Haegele

    Many years ago there was an article on Moz involving the Salford Lads in something called 'Gadfly Online' which doesn't seem to be around and has an archive link to it but sadly the link is broken. Does anyone have a copy of this article which included quotes from Jesse Immler IIRC...
  6. That's Enough For Me

    Does Anyone, I guess from the Manchester area, Know...

    ...if a rumour that came to me recently is true. Which is that Moz has moved his mum (Betty Dwyer) out of the house in Bowdon as much as 2 years ago and that it has been sold to new owners. If anyone knows anything, I'd appreciate a heads up. Cheers.
  7. That's Enough For Me

    Who Is Right And Who is Wrong? I Cannot Say...

    But maybe you can. A conversation recently between 4 Moz fans, had one of them comment on his 'God like genius'. The response from another of our group was as follows: 'God like Genius unfortunately relates back over 10 years to Vauxhall and You're Arsenal. He hasn't produced a...
  8. That's Enough For Me

    C4's 100 Greatest Funny Moments Last Night

    Mostly unfunny as it turns out but over the closing credits they played a naff euro pop song to which Zig and Zag danced with Gordon the Gopher. The song is now driving me mad with that lyric 'Allo' etc Anyone know what it was?
  9. That's Enough For Me

    Good Songs That Could Have Been GREAT Songs

    I had the opportunity to listen back to Friday Mourning last night for the first time since it first came out. Does anyone share the view the although Moz has brought in new songwriters, the music hasn't really changed or even slightly deteriorated? I'm thinking about the arrangement and...
  10. That's Enough For Me

    Intro Song List

    Apologies in advance for any duplication of threads but does anyone have the list of songs being played on this tour prior to Moz's entrance onto the stage? Many Thanks.
  11. That's Enough For Me

    The ROTT B-Sides

    Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen, In speaking to Boz after the apollo show last night, he reckons there are six b-sides from the ROTT sessions. I'm figuring that they are: Good Looking Man About Town I Knew I Was Next Human Being If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me Gang Lord Song...
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