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  1. leedoggpimp

    Morrissey confirmed for Riot Fest

    UPDATE May 27: TTY: Chicago Riot Fest back on UPDATE May 23: TTY: Morrissey not part of Chicago Riot Fest as of May 23 UPDATE 6:58 AM PT: Morrissey is listed on the official Riot Fest lineup page for Chicago (Sep. 16, 17, 18). Tickets on sale now. Riot Fest reveals 2016 lineup, and it’s...
  2. leedoggpimp

    used morrissey autobiography and morrissey 25 live dvd for sale

    selling both of my copies if anyone is interested
  3. leedoggpimp

    david morrissey

    anyone know if moz and david morrissey are related?... they do kinda look alike and are both from england.
  4. leedoggpimp

    morrissey's first appearance on jimmy fallon

    anyone have a recording of it? NBC took it down on youtube. i think he sang black cloud.
  5. leedoggpimp

    How many gigs do you think morrissey will cancel on this US tour?

    We all know he won't hit all 33 cities... I'm guessing his voice box goes out and he misses three or four dates.
  6. leedoggpimp

    your moz concertography

    list the moz/smiths concerts you have attended so far.
  7. leedoggpimp

    Morrissey Canadian Dates Announced

    According to True-To-You: June 5 VANCOUVER BC Orpheum Theatre June 7 TORONTO ONT Massey Hall June 8 HAMILTON ONT Hamilton Place June 10 MONTREAL QC Theatre St.-Denis april fools!!! :)
  8. leedoggpimp

    kony 2012

  9. leedoggpimp

    maida vale sessions 2011
  10. leedoggpimp

    bowie/moz- cosmic dancer duet

    does video exist of this?
  11. leedoggpimp

    your top 3 worst smiths songs (non covers)??

    unhappy birthday vicar in a tutu death of a disco dancer
  12. leedoggpimp

    Kill Uncle was released 20 years ago..

    By far the greatest tour... Why was the album so terrible?
  13. leedoggpimp

    a smiths movie... who would you cast??

    morrissey- robert pattinson johnny marr- jon hamm mike joyce- gerard butler andy rourke- val kilmer stephen street- cilian murphy
  14. leedoggpimp

    boz and moz not working on new album

    just read it on boz's facebook wall... someone had asked him if the rumour was true: Anton Solo hi boz,I just read this...:"Boz is working on a new album with Morrissey!!"..its true?Greetings Sunday at 8:24am · Like · Boz Boorer not right now, no, don't belive everything you read...
  15. leedoggpimp

    possible tracks on your arsenal re-issue

    anyone have a clue as to what unreleased/rare bonus tracks will be included on the re-issue?
  16. leedoggpimp

    Boz's Christmas gig

    boz's xmas party wish i lived over seas :(
  17. leedoggpimp

    I like Spike T. Smith

    I just do.
  18. leedoggpimp

    Utrecht, Holland 1/5/91

    anyone have the vinyl recording of cosmic dancer and disappointed
  19. leedoggpimp

    morrissey- rare tracks
  20. leedoggpimp

    if you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life

    what song would you choose?
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