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    UnCovered Smith Cover Thread

    Duet on "How Soon Is Now". Bangles lead singer and Matthew Sweet of 90's fame.
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    New Sinead O'Connor Doc "Nothing Compares" Smiths bit

    Checked out the new doc about Sinead O'Connor and around 36 minutes in their is a live performance of her singing "Mandinka" at a large festival gig. The drummer and bass player are none other than Mike and Andy.
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    Interesting bio on Kings Theater site

    Morrissey is a British singer-songwriter with a 40-plus year career spanning his solo work and his time as the singer and lyricist of The Smiths. He has had 16 albums on the UK Top Ten charts, as well as having reached the US Top Ten and Top Twenty Album charts two and eight times...
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    Death of Heather (shoegazing band wear Moz shirt)
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    Peter Hook & The Light - Review of live show 8/16/22

    Went to see this artist against my better judgement (he has slagged off Morrissey loads of times in the past). I am a casual Joy Division fan and bought the "Substance" vinyl when it came out at Turtles (anyone remember that place?). Liked some of the songs, but Ian's beyond sad voice was not...
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    Sandie Shaw still @16 in Official UK Vinyl Chart

    As of July 14th 2022 Sandie Shaw's "Hand In Glove" is still 16 in the charts for the year. The gentlemen who played on that Sandie Shaw record is sitting @ 20. Beautiful blue vinyl of God Save The Queen is at #1.
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    "I'm Not Sorry" deeper meaning

    Ok, why does every lyric sheet leave out the "Alain" part of the song? Does anyone else feel he is singing "Alain"? Does anyone know the rumor behind this?
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    Ticket prices slashed for Vegas Shows

    If you were not going to the shows this might be a reason to reconsider. Ticketmaster sent me an email saying tickets are now 25% off!
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    Vegas July 8th seating chart

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    Hamish Hawk releases cover of "Please, Please, Please..."

    My new fave band Hamish Hawk just released a covers album and The Smiths- Please, Please, Please Get What I Want is on it!
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    Looking for footage of secret instore 9/13/98

    from Morrissey-Solo archive... Pic credit Carl Anderson
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    Animal Rights Group Protest @ NBA Games

    Another protest after "Glue Girl". Now we have "Chain Girl". The group Direct Action Everywhere is claiming credit for the act. The T-Wolves owner has a Chicken Farm where she killed 5.3 million chickens by suffocation! Shame on Glen Taylor!! That's sick.
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    A big thank you to Hispanic Community!

    Without the Hispanic community Morrissey would not be doing this residency! THANK YOU to all of the people from California that made the drive to Las Vegas last time!! You are amazing people and thank you for your love of Morrissey! I fear we would not get to see him as much if it was not for...
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    Hamish Hawk anyone????

    Any Hamish Hawk friends here? The Scottish four piece obviously borrow from Morrissey ala Jarvis Cocker with all the drama of a good drag queen. Check out this very Morrissey titled song...
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    Johnny Marr/The Smiths inspired "Lust for List" Sirius XM "6 Degrees" of Johnny Marr

    Check out the Johnny Marr/The Smiths inspired edition of "Lust for List" hosted by Travis Gravel (Record Collector Morrissey Top 50 Author). This episode is "6 Degrees" of Johnny Marr. Check out the amazing Johnny Marr story that starts at around 13:30...
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    The Most Important Band In The World Right

    The Idles- "Toxic Masculinity" is their platform and it is about time!
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    NME: "Does Rock 'N' Roll Kill Braincells?!" - Billy Bragg (October 21, 2021); Smiths / Morrissey mentions

    In Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?!, we quiz an artist on their own career to see how much they can remember – and find out if the booze, loud music and/or tour sweeties has knocked the knowledge out of them. Talking about Boris Johnson... “He wanted to include Kirsty’s cover of it...
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    "6 Degrees Of Johnny Marr"

    Sirius XM 1st Wave's "Lust For List" is "6 Degrees Of Johnny Marr". Should be a great listen this morning at 9:00am (est). It also airs again on Sunday night at 1:00am (est) for the West Coast. The show will be on demand latter today.
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