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    Test press values

    Hi, just been going through some old records and came across a few white label promos (Edit - not tests) that I don't really have any idea of value. Wondered if anyone able to give estimate on these. Thanks Sheila Take A Bow 12 I Started Something 12 Hand in Glove RT 130 Sandie Shaw 7 What...
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    My favourite mugs to offer the builders a nice cup of tea are fading.....anyone know where more can be bought? Cheers.
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    Old videos

    Carrying on with my clean up I am going to be moving out some old video tapes (ask your dad young ones) which back in the day, pre youtube and digital downloads were all we had. The cameras were massive so clandestine activity was a real art and hence we found ourselves hanging onto grainy...
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    Old boots

    Ive just dug out an old hard drive on which I have a lot (hundreds) of old Mozzer/Smiths gigs. The older the worse the quality generally such were the times, but if someone is interested in anything in particular that I may be able to help with. I remember adding to drifters lists in the mu...
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    Fights, tights and late nights

    Wondering if anyone can illuminate on what went on. 42ndSt Manc Club afterparty was ok, music was good, but only odds and ends Moz/Smiths tunes despite ad. Taxi drivers first words know its a young persons place (amused). Bar was easy and bar girls very pleasant. Indeed young...
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    Actually playing your collection

    Having finally established my own hideaway in our house after lots of renovation and my children leaving I have the right space now for my collection where I can really appreciate it. Yes moz looks down at me from various angles. I've got all my vinyls back together in a great ikea storage...
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    Any Manchester moz/smiths nights planned post gig?

    Not much to add. Anyone planning, anyone got any info
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    The value of the Morrissey market

    Had to laugh when I saw that recordstore were selling the Moz RSD pic disc today, having dragged my missus out of bed at 0630 last weekend to get to our local (30 miles - country roads) record store. Got there are 10 past 8 and all 4 copies had gone....had to head on to Skegness and got the...
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    Grinderman 2

    well having last seen our moz for 5 minutes in liverpool i have to recommend grinderman as a live experience. Total voodoo. Nick Cave and some very fine musicians creating a fantastic atmosphere. Seriously better live than on disc.......where have we heard that before?? Nick Cave is at...
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    Fire sale: total f***in bargains

    Due to shambles i really cant be bothered now messing around with last few good cds to sell. People messed me around including vivabob and I have no interest in servicing these folk now. So if you messsed me around please dont apply! British applications only: First come (pm) frst...
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    Last bunch of cds now on ebay bargain hunters

    Ok, having hopefully offered some good deals to forum members previously, I've put the remaining 30 cds on ebay. All offered at start price of 99p with no reserve so if you felt the previous prices were too much (really!), now is the chance of a bargain. Bon Chance...
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    Last bunch of rarish cds for sale - sale prices

    HAIRDRESSER ON FIRE SALE This is my last post of CDs for sale. After this I’ll stick em on ebay. Prices seem pretty resonable to me. Free postage in the UK. Any questions pm me. Payment by paypal. Thanks. Certain People I Know Aussie £14 Southpaw Grammar Reprise promo £18...
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    More collectible CDs for sale

    Thanks to those that have paid for the last bunch of cds - Hope you got them safe and sound. The following cds will all be sent free 1st Recorded in the UK. PM Me -First come first served. Morrissey - Digital Excitation silver cd - original version Morrissey spelt Morissey for what its...
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    CDs for sale, rare, promo live etc

    The following cds for sale, all prices include UK Recorded postage. Payment by paypal. All are vg+ex, please ask for specifics. Any questions please pm me. Thanks His Masters Voice 4 track Viva Hate promo cd £20 Certain People I Know Australian cd £15 My Love Life Japanese cd with obi...
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    A few rarish moz/smiths cds for sale - TIAL promo etc sorry not so many this bored with ebay listing...more coming
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    Boz youtube 1991 comments

    I received the following info from youtube. Unsure if it is boz commenting or not. Hard to believe someone would masquerade as him. Others may know better? Cheers. bozpolecat has made a comment on Morrissey Sing Your Life live Wellington New Zealand 1991: well i landed straight on the...
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    This weeks Moz/Smiths cds for sale...LMKY promo, Rough Trade etc
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    Some cd goodies for sale.. LMKY promo and others a little something for everyone
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    Moz and Smiths cds for sale

    Something for everyone
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    Moz Cds for sale...promos, imports etc

    All prices inc postage and packing. £10 and under ist class, above 1st RD. pm me with any questions re condition or whatever. Will post pics if required by anyone re an item. Maladjusted promo interview cd case cracked £3 Morrissey Sampler promo £5 Greatest Hits Japan...
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