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    Comment by 'davidt' in 'Videos played before the Vegas shows'
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    Comment by 'davidt' in 'Would you prefer to make blogs available only to registered users?'

    @Violeta Looks like there isn't the option on individual blogs, which is the reason the poll was created. It doesn't seem the blogs are used too often and closing it off more may make it even less used. So far only 6 votes and they are split.
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    Review by 'davidt' in 'Test blog'

  4. Morrissey-solo Community Blog

    Would you prefer to make blogs available only to registered users?

    This would block anonymous users from entering the blog system.
  5. Morrissey-solo Community Blog

    Blog errors fixed

    I just found out there was a configuration issue which caused errors creating blogs and entries. Should be fixed now.
  6. Morrissey-solo Community Blog

    First blog post to the Community blog in the new blog system

    Blogs have been updated with the site upgrade. There are almost too many features but hopefully we can make it a bit simpler. One thing that has caused confusion is the difference between a "Blog" and a "Blog entry". Blogs you can create if you want a personal blog or for specific subjects...
  7. Morrissey-solo Community Blog

    Morrissey-solo Community Blog

    General Morrissey-solo community blog
  8. davidt

    Blogs imported into new system

    For compatibility with a major site upgrade coming later in the year, the blogs system needed to be moved to a new system. All previous data should be imported. Blog related URLs have changed so update your links if you have them. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.
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    Site Updates

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    Comment by 'davidt' in 'Revisionism'

    The old journals are still on the site. Your Boy With The Thorn journals.
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