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  1. DreamingofStew

    Bret McKenzie talks about Morrissey

    Apparently Bret McKenzie, from Flight of the Conchords, talks about Morrissey in this, as he was one of those responsible for the 'Everybody's Horrid Except Me' parody song used in The Simpsons: I say...
  2. DreamingofStew

    Schadenfreude re Billy Bragg

    I just want to share (with any appreciative forum members out there) my schadenfreude at seeing the insufferable Billy Bragg getting roasted on Twitter by feminists :
  3. DreamingofStew

    "Now My Heart Is Full" by Laura June - another literary Morrissey reference

    References to Morrissey and The Smiths abound in contemporary literature. Here's a recent one, a book called Now My Heart Is Full, by Laura June, published by Penguin this year: At the Goodreads page, the author has given a...
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