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  1. Nikita

    Three tickets for tonight

    Sooooo, three purchasers just cancelled their purchase, so I still have three tickets available for tonight. Face value.
  2. Nikita

    Sold- Four tickets Palladium London - 9th October

    Dear All, as explained in the tickets thread, I have bought too many tickets, so I have four to sell now, for face value: In Concert with Morrissey 09 October 2022 19:00 The London Palladium Royal Circle Royal Circle Centre row G seat 33,34 £94.70...
  3. Nikita

    Le Figaro review by Nicolas Ungemuth - IANADOAC

    In yesterday's week-end magazine of the French newspaper - it is much more about Morrissey, than the album, but eventually one understands that they like it:
  4. Nikita

    New Paris date - Sep. 24, 2020 according to email from Salle Pleyel

    Just received an email from Salle Pleyel: new date 24th September.
  5. Nikita

    One ticket for tonight, row E - don’t really care about the price

    As it would be lost otherwise - my sister has to go back home, so she can’t attend it.
  6. Nikita

    Has Johnny Marr ever performed Smiths instrumentals?

    Just wondering; as I have noted in another thread, he seems to perform only songs Morrissey has.
  7. Nikita

    Vauxhall and Us

    A French Tribute to Morrissey's masterpiece - haven't listened to it yet:
  8. Nikita

    Is it me or does the intro reminds something ...

    Sorry, I could not find the thread about influences on Morrissey's songs.
  9. Nikita

    Big request - "rare tracks"

    Hello, My external hard drive, the one on which I saved ALL my music, crashed a few days ago ... I lost a lot of Morrissey concerts and, more important, some rare tracks So if any of you have these, I will be very grateful if you linked them : Interlude - only Morrissey vocals Moon river -...
  10. Nikita

    Moon river - short version

    I've discovered only recently that there is a "non extended" version of Morrissey's Moon river Since I have the CD single, I always thought that the extended version was the only one which saw the light of the day ... Could anyone upload the other one ? Thank you
  11. Nikita

    A song least likely to

    Does it remind you something ?
  12. Nikita

    So, what would be your perfect stlist ?

    A lot of people seem to complain about the 2006 setlist, so what would be your perfect setlist ? As we need to be a bit realistic, let's pick 18 songs, which must inlcude at least 8 from the ROTT sessions and maximum 4 smiths songs I'll post mine later
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