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  1. wend1brindle

    Morrissey at Aviva Stadium, Dublin (Mar. 26) - photo with Robbie Keane posted on FAI Twitter

    Re: Article: Morrissey at Aviva Stadium, Dublin (Mar. 26) - photo with Robbie Keane p This made the front of this morning's Irish Independent - Ireland's largest selling daily newspaper.
  2. wend1brindle

    Actually playing your collection

    As a vinyl junkie I think the records have to be played. If you treat them well, dust them as needed and handle with care you won't damage them. Yes I have all my collection digitalised but it just sounds better to me on vinyl. I love the bumps and crackles, I love reading the inner and sleeve...
  3. wend1brindle

    The Smiths go to the Movies

    Really enjoyed this, there's definately a part 2 to be edited together.
  4. wend1brindle

    Suedehead (Mael Mix) - first picture

    Re: Sudehead (Mael Mix) - first picture As of 6pm yeasterday there were 8 copies left in Tower Records in Dublin priced at €16.99. For anyone interested Tower do mailorder,
  5. wend1brindle

    Passions Just Like Mine RIP

    Re: Passions Just Like Mine RIP My copy of How Soon Is Now? by Richard King arrived yesterday and only three websites are mentioned in the acknowledgements section: PJLM, Cerysmatic Factory (the Factory Records resource) and Caught By the River (the brilliant online magazine). Great to hear...
  6. wend1brindle

    Your Arsenal - art work proofs

    Just spotted this mentioned on the NewOrderonline forum. The site has some Smiths posters for sale and this... "MORRISSEY - YOUR ARSENAL, 1992 Original double sided LP sleeve working proof 13"x13" (along with a full-size transparency of the...
  7. wend1brindle

    The Fall - any fans???

    My own favourite Fall album is Shiftwork from 1991. It was a brilliant run of albums from Extricate in 1990 to The Infotainment Scan in 1993. I also think that the trio of The Real New Fall LP (2003), Fall Heads Roll (2005) and Reformation Post TLC (2007) are up there with the best of the back...
  8. wend1brindle

    PETA box set?

    The boxset in question is called "Songs That Chaged Your Life" a 6 Disc bootleg, 5Cds and 1 DVD and a 38 page booklet. All the material is available elsewhere on torrents etc. but the package is pretty nice. I picked this up at a record fair in Dublin about 2 years ago. There is a PETA logo...
  9. wend1brindle

    Bootleg Vinyl Rips

    Motorways, you sir, are a gent! I have four of these on vinyl (Take a Bow, There is a Band, Blessings and Undisputed) but no time to convert - thanks a mill!
  10. wend1brindle

    Sleevage analyses Years of Refusal sleeve

    The ever brilliant Sleevage blog (album artwork design blog) analyses the Years of Refusal sleeve. Some interesting points.
  11. wend1brindle

    Talk Talk appreciation thread

    Absolutely adore both Spirt of Eden and Laughing Stock. I can also highly recommend the solo album from Mark Hollis simply titled Mark Hollis - classic stuff.
  12. wend1brindle

    Galaxie 500 / Luna / Dean & Britta

    I agree Black Postcards is a brilliant brilliant book. One of the best recent music auto-biogs i've read up there with Luke Haines in terms of being a really well written book with great stories etc. The Luna film Tell Me Do You Miss Me was really great. It was so obvious that there was huge...
  13. wend1brindle

    Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November added

    BTW - I posted this in Collector's Corner last year. A ticket stub from the 1991 National Stadium gig. Ticket prices were a tad cheaper back then!!! I had a Block seated ticket back then and would have loved a floor ticket but this time round am happy out with my seated ticket. I was at a...
  14. wend1brindle

    Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November added

    Re: Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November - General Admission Tickets or Standing Those old enough to remember (like me) the last National Stadium gig back in 1991 will recall that it too was an all-seated affair. It was only during the support band's set (The Would Be's) that the crowd rushed...
  15. wend1brindle

    Wilder (The Teardrop Explodes)

    I love this record. Darker than the first album and really paves the way for his first solo album World Shut Your Mouth (not to be confused with the single of the same name, which came a few years later). Colours Fly Away, You Disappear From View and The Great Dominions are all brill. As a...
  16. wend1brindle

    Wilder (The Teardrop Explodes)

    The first Teardrops album Kilamanjaro is pretty fab! To be honest I'm a big fan of Cope. A good overview of his career would be Floored Genius Volume One: The Best of Julian Cope and The Teardrop Explodes. It contains key moments from the Teardrops career and a good overview of Julian's solo...
  17. wend1brindle

    Morrissey - Live At The Beeb (VIDEO)

    rastin 3, thanks for the huge effort on this. Downloaded, unzipped and everything's perfect - thanks a mil!
  18. wend1brindle

    Smiths on BBC4 Fri. 13th March

    BBC Four - Do it Yourself: The Story of Rough Trade sorry this was posted earlier... 2 programmes on BBC Four next Friday (Mar 13 from 9pm) that look really good and will no doubt be of interest to many here. The documentaries on Factory Records and Stiff Records were brilliant so the Rough...
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