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    Mild Mannered Army review by LAIRD1973 - IANADOAC
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    Some say he got devil - California Son review
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    Does anyone have a definitive list of all songs Morrissey has covered as a solo artist?
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    Meat is Murder revisited
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    Marion live return

    Jaime Harding has assembled a band and is currently touring the UK. MARION, of course, supported Morrissey back in 95...and worked with Johnny Marr on their second album.
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    Fame, fame, fatal fame...

    I know many will disagree with this but it might be of interest.
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    Morrissey and Cornershop

    Brief mention of the "Flying the flag..." debacle in this piece celebrating Cornershop's "When I Was Born..." album;
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    For sale

    I am interested in selling the following if anyone is interested. Viva Hate Bona Drag Kill Uncle Your Arsenal Beethoven Was Deaf Vauxhall and I Southpaw Grammar Maladjusted Suedehead - the Best of Morrissey All on vinyl.
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    Gene - Some Smiths/Morrissey content
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    Melody Maker 1988

    A fairly detailed trawl through the pages of an iconic issue of NME...
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    Jake Shillingford discusses Morrissey
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    Interesting piece on Elcka but more interesting is the audio interview with Harrold with some discussion on touring with Morrissey.
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    Mark Morriss (Bluetones) discusses Morrissey/The Smiths

    Mark Morriss discusses his career and Morrissey/The Smiths... Some sort of truth – Mark Morriss - mildmanneredarmy Excerpt: Before “Britpop” became “Britpop” and before the arrival of lad culture turned the whole thing into a beer and cocaine soaked frenzy bands like The Bluetones and people...
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    Echobelly - Glenn Johnsson Talks Morrissey

    Another post from this blog that has a bit of Morrissey content for those who are interested; I Can’t Imagine The World Without… - mildmanneredarmy Excerpt: That said the second track on the e.p, “Sleeping Hitler”, does doff it’s cap to Morrissey with the line; “I wish I was blindly loved”...
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    I posted a link to an interview with Alain Whyte on this blog but just finished reading this and thought others might enjoy it too...
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    Alain Whyte interview

    I stumbled on this old interview with Alain and thought I'd share it. A good article about Suede and a review of "WPINOYB" too.
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    Years Of Refusal Litho

    Hi I've got a framed YOR litho (they were sold in limited numbers...each one numbered) on that tour. This one includes a plectrum from Jesse with MEXICAN printed on it. If you are interested make me an offer.
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    Roys Keen 12"

    Hi I've got a near mint copy of Roys Keen on 12" vinyl. Is anyone interested in making an offer?
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    Chris Gethard

    For those who might be interested Chris Gethard is in Edinburgh for the festival with his show "Career Suicide". A wonderfully funny and moving show with more than a few Smiths references. I caught it last night before I left the town and really enjoyed it.
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