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    FS: There Is A Light French 45

    Selling my copy of the French "There Is A Light" 45. This has been in my collection for 30 years, bought new at time of release. It's likely I only played this 2 or 3 times. Mostly I just had a gawk at it once in a while to admire the sleeve. My grading is conservative...
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    "The Queen Is Dead" - 2017 re-issue details (CD, DVD box set out Oct. 20) - listing on Amazon UK

    Amazon listings are up: CD track-listing screenshot posted by Uncleskinny: UPDATE July 20: Famous when dead added in the comments: The US version is now listed minus any way to purchase it...
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    Smiths items posted to Discogs

    I've started selling on Discogs. I've traded previously on EBay under the name kgedge. There's some Smiths items in there. A few live vinyl albums, some German coloured vinyl. Nothing earth shattering, but I've tried to price my items lower than other sellers...
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    Johnny Marr Live LP - Adrenaline Baby - Pink Vinyl?

    I want to pick this up but I am trying to figure out if I buy it on release from Amazon UK if I will get the pink vinyl pressing with the poster or just the standard black vinyl LP. The JM site doesn't make it entirely clear. Just wondering if I need to go through one of the independents to get...
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    Smiths/Morrissey There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Promo Publishing on Ebay

    Yes, this is my auction.
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    Why collect Smiths test pressings?

    Is there any reason to acquire Smiths test pressing LPs/EPs/45s other than their scarcity? Any examples of alt. mixes or takes turning up on a test pressing? Any examples of test pressings having better mastering than their commercial counterparts?
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    Smiths BBC Session 17/12/86 Best I've heard Half A Person and London from this session. Maybe this circulates commonly now and I am just out of the loop? I had only heard muffled cassette recordings previously. There is talking at the beginning (10 seconds) and...
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    Smiths Live LPs and CDs for sale including Thank Your Lucky Stars

    Trimming the collection a bit. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping, which will be charged at the actual rate and at the buyer's expense. Will ship worldwide. All items in at least EX condition except for the German CD singles. Vinyl Electric Ballroom - purple cover, says...
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    Stephen Street discusses Morrissey/Viva Hate - new interview at

    Very good interview, Street is pretty forthright in his comments: Stephen Street talks "Viva Hate" and trying to keep Morrissey happy - superdeluxeedition March 29, 2012 by Paul Sinclair Morrissey’s debut solo album Viva Hate is reissued next week. Producer and co-writer Stephen Street talks...
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    Reel Around The Fountain demo 45 on Complete Deluxe box - it's the Tate version, yes?

    Posters this board say yes, my ears say yes. So why I am I getting flak from posters on a non-Smiths/Moz board who insist it is not?
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