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    Request: Rare Smiths Mixes

    Here is the full CD of How Soon Is Now in wav format:-
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    Revelation Bootleg Album - HD Vinyl Rip - 24/96

    Hi All So finally managed to bag a copy of Revelation and have recorded it in HD quality here:- Sound quality is amazing! Enjoy
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    Req: THPGU (Jonathan Ross) and AYNIM (Later)
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    It Happens Every Time - B side " It's Over " in any format ?

    Here is the b-side in HD Wav:-!owlSQQSB!u30ZoRMkoNsU6j5Ihk3jjPIdXQ4se0_Hdyk2qtKIn60 and 320 mp3:-!Bw8g1Khb!HAf6l9QfDRGve7AM_Q_2MSWUk1Sc5KUtNA-IWKEFZPg
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    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    Hi. Please please please does anyone have the DVD that was in the BBC box set?? I don't really want to pay £60 for the box set as I only want the dvd of live BBC performances! Thanks in advance!
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    Brow of My Beloved Vinyl Audio

    yeah - new thread
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    Wedding Bell Blues/Brow Of My Beloved 7" HD Wav

    Just got home from HMV and recorded this one for you all:-!4s9Q0QYI!O0WTsXoKuae1v-AeNEcDlphwQuhGzkwmx_ULuBmM7Fk
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    I Thought You Were Dead - MP3 @ 320 and FLAC (updated 14 April)

    here is my vinyl rip in 24/96 wav format!Q1UDAQqZ!rl36vOI51KspVQgxo0osYJ634sDmmXYWkRdt0RwXT_U
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    "Lover-To-Be" Record Store Day listing confirmed & details (Apr. 13, 2019)

    Well I don't think my local record store has any! Will probably have to resort to ebay.............
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    DL - Back On The Chain Gang 7" vinyl rip

    Hi So I just bought the single in HMV and have ripped it in HD wav and also mp3 (saves you doing it FamousWhenDead!) Enjoy! WAV:-!E0FzgQ4A!frRxUB57rAq6B8VcwlCRdXb2M8GS7iLu6xDtykOAegg MP3:-!MocxFSLD!wuRtHXRoX5cFTODWdYLC16pJP1HxJA-oVfcpDUSkkzc
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    DL - Battersea Patisserie - Vinyl HD WAV

    Here is my vinyl rip at 24/96 for your enjoyment!
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    DL - All The Young People Vinyl Rip

    For those that have requested this 7" vinyl. Here it is in HD wav (24/96) and MP3:- WAV!w0sVkajR!WQyuj_PsBibh-SMbE4ouw7C52GiU4UM85Lj8jp5U1mw MP3!w90j3YIB!OaUdeeCiRluA7-BDafzBu88pSjyLfXsDGerJSgpImyM
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    My Love, I'd Do Anything for You b-side

    So sorry - I completely forgot! Here you go:-!c9dAmZpD!OXiakgYAGneVxRsUx3z2A9YxK3137uMfNXQmbPBnLuw
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    My Love, I'd Do Anything for You b-side

    Yeah sure. Will do it later today
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    My Love, I'd Do Anything for You b-side

    Here you go in 24/192 lossless wav!1xdUgbjD!2OmvLAbjlszg3kdd2D0cbn1zApa0WEwpQcAg-AK2LPk
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    "Jacky" B-side?

    Here you go. Recorded in 24bit 96khz from 7" single:-!15UzXR7A!ooLfsqptfA4tMjWaH-iSL5PK6BR9MQT_k-6DAsMaSHw
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    "Jacky" B-side?

    Waiting for my vinyl to arrive! When it does, I'll record it in HD for you
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    Judy is a Punk rip?

    Here is Side 1 in 24/96 wav:-!MsdyXA7J!LfdICU3OKlZ_S2muW9NnLrBP--Ly0YOwmqY8i2pu1bk and in mp3:-!txcUiI7R!zoS_S7SGIdH2PM5PSsrcPpRl3egRuDdvMQhT9tNYiAU
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    Judy is a Punk rip?

    24/96 untouched vinyl rip for you:-!10sBgRCZ!G8DcDHm_B61_2GockodQ6mfj2hcABYc450mni9vyKGY
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    Rubber Ring 7" Demo 24/96 HD Wav Vinyl Rip

    Uploaded an HD wav of the 7" RSD 2017 single No editing - raw rip so there will be clicks etc. Enjoy:-!R8VyDRAa!SStXmRYk-STVNYTZXS6r8AcPe6JxDiq9pYxuiUo0ItQ
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