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    Years within a decade when new Morrissey or Smiths albums have been released

    0 - Dog on a Chain 1 - Kill Uncle 2 - Your Arsenal 3 - Bonfire of Teenagers 4 - The Smiths, Vauxhall, You are the Quarry, World Peace 5 - Meat is Murder, Southpaw, 6 - Queen is Dead, Ringleader 7 - Strangeways HWC, Maladjusted, Low in High School 8 - Viva Hate 9 - Years of Refusal, California Son
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    The Guardian: Stewart Lee's 'Honest Playlist' - 'can no longer listen to' Morrissey (September 5, 2022)

    Like Reverend Richard Coles a few months ago, Stewart Lee has nominated Morrissey for the artist/song he can no longer listen to in a Guardian questionnaire, citing his 'drift to the far right'. It's a bit disappointing that...
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    Morten Harket on meeting Morrissey and covering The Sun Always Shines (new NME interview - September 2, 2022)

    At a 2004 gig in Norway, which musician introduced himself as ‘Morten’ before singing his own, lyrically-altered snippet of A-ha’s ‘The Sun Always Shines on T.V.’? MH: “The main guy who’s been vocal about A-ha is obviously Chris Martin from Coldplay, but that’s not who you’re looking for here?”...
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    Morrissey and Sam Rayner on the Bonfire songs we've yet to hear...

    I've just been looking at last year's interview. It appears a lot of the supposed highlights are songs we've yet to hear. Most of these quotes are Sam's. - 'Ha Ha Harlem' is the song easiest to imagine live. It has a lot of lyrics and a lot of musical changes. You also use very high falsetto. I...
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    Which of the five new 'Bonfire' songs do you prefer?

    Which of the five new 'Bonfire' songs previewed live do you prefer? Can vote for up to two.
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    Morrissey and Miley Cyrus's collaboration

    Surely a subject that deserves its own thread? It seems Miley C has provided backing vocals on "I am Veronica" as you can apparently hear her recorded voice at the recent live shows (although I wouldn't have spotted it). Perhaps not a massive surprise as they've been photographed hanging out...
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    What do you think of the new song, 'I am Veronica'?

    Lots of different views on this so far but would be interesting to find out the consensus...
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    Which new Morrissey songs would you most like to hear in the upcoming 2022 tour?

    Sounds like we'll be hearing at least one new song played live very shortly. A little hard to judge with just a snippet of 'Veronica' and the titles to go on, but in my experience an interesting song title usually means an interesting song...
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    New Morrissey song, 'I am Veronica'

    Deserving of its own thread? So... It starts with a pleasant enough jangly riff Morrissey launches straight into what appears to be the chorus Opening line is, 'I, I, I, I, I am Veronica, the game I play is older than America'. Seems to be a backing vocal in the chorus, too (did Morrissey...
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    Morrissey/Abba - Does Your Staircase at the University Know?

    Has this done the rounds yet? Looks like it came out last May. An intriguing combination and a good effort but ... it doesn't quite seem to work.
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    New P Doherty song reminiscent of 'early Morrissey'

    Well, according to this article...
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    Predictions for the August/September 2021 tour setlist

    So, assuming there are 24 songs (as I think he played in the 2020 shows), how many songs from which era/album do we expect to get an airing? I'm guessing: 5 from Dog on a Chain 2 from California Sun 3 from World Peace/High School 3 from Quarry/Ringleader/Refusal 4 from the 1990s (post Bona Drag)...
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    Ten favourite Morrissey/Whyte songs

    There's a chance (if only a small one) that we'll get to hear the first new Morrissey/Whyte song since 2009's Years of Refusal in just a few days' time. So, a good time perhaps to reflect on one's 10 favourite Morrissey/Whyte songs to date. Here are mine: 1. The never-played symphonies 2...
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    Morrissey's song about the Manchester Arena bombing - feelings, thoughts, expectations?

    A few simple thoughts from me: I'm glad he's written a song about it. It's odd how no-one really writes songs about massive modern-day events like this that affect millions of people. It seems fitting that he should write about it - it happened in his home town, on his birthday, and at a venue...
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    Morrissey and Alain Whyte writing songs together again

    I thought this deserved its own thread but feel free to merge if not. Alain's written more songs with Morrissey than anyone else (including JM Marr) - around 70 compared with Marr's 65 or so. Guess we all thought they wouldn't be writing together again. The last album he played on was Ringleader...
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    Alain's version of Well I wonder

    Don't remember this being shared before round these parts. I'm not the world's biggest A Whyte fan but really impressed by this. Although Marr could doubtlessly play it better, I don't think he could sing it as well. Nice one, Al!
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    Art D'Ecco - 'androgynous, neo-glam, art rocker' a new Moz fave?

    Only heard of this singer/act for the first time this morning (L Laverne played their new song on 6 Music). Strikes me as the kind of thing Mr SP Morrissey might like. They have at least one one album, Trespasser, which seems to have picked up some good...
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    NME article hinting at the queasiness of being a modern-day Morrissey fan

    So, you're ideologically opposed to your favourite pop star. What next? ( It's not just about Morrissey but it mentions him and includes a photo. Journalist, Mark Beaumont, is/was a big fan and wrote the largely positive NME review of Dog on a Chain. Article mentions conflicting...
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