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    Morrissey Central "100th ANNIVERSARY OF HMV" (July 14, 2021)

    I picked a copy up in Toronto today. No OBI, number or even a hype sticker to indicate it's on green vinyl. Guy at the shop says it's being issued in Canada and Australia without the OBI.
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    Rest in Peace Smiths Bootleg

    Sold mine on Discogs before they banned it. Couldn't have been more than $40 USD. Black vinyl release as well. Seems to be trending around 20 quid based on recent Popsike solds:
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    Iso: LIHS box set

    All due respect, but the internet makes finding this stuff easy. The set can be had for $30 via Discogs: This was mentioned in another thread on this very forum only a few days ago! I can't decide if this, and the various LIHS LPs will...
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    "How to treat Morrissey? Stop listening to him" by Stewart Lee - The Guardian

    I thought Stewart gave it to us straight, like a pear cider that's made from 100% pears.
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    Odd trade

    It's a tempting offer. Some good stuff on that list including: Christmas with the Canadian Brass 5 Julio Iglesias CDs 10 Enya CDs (!) 14 CDs from something called Starflyer 59 Jamie Foxx - The Best Night of My Life I could mention more but I'm feeling overwhelmed.
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    Odd trade

    What do you mean by vinyl discography? The whole lot - LPs, EPs, 45s? Just the LPs? The core studio LPs or those and the comps/live LPs as well?
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    FS: There Is A Light French 45

    Selling my copy of the French "There Is A Light" 45. This has been in my collection for 30 years, bought new at time of release. It's likely I only played this 2 or 3 times. Mostly I just had a gawk at it once in a while to admire the sleeve. My grading is conservative...
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    The Boy With The Thorn 2017 RSD release

    £50 is ridiculous. You can have mine for £49.99.
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    "The Queen Is Dead" - 2017 re-issue details (CD, DVD box set out Oct. 20) - listing on Amazon UK

    The "buy or no buy" for me really hinges on the contents of the DVD. If it's just the Jarman film and "The Boy..." clip I'm not interested. Too much of disc 2 is out there already either officially or unofficially to warrant a purchase if they skimp on the DVD.
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    "The Queen Is Dead" - 2017 re-issue details (CD, DVD box set out Oct. 20) - listing on Amazon UK

    Amazon listings are up: CD track-listing screenshot posted by Uncleskinny: UPDATE July 20: Famous when dead added in the comments: The US version is now listed minus any way to purchase it...
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    Smiths items posted to Discogs

    I've started selling on Discogs. I've traded previously on EBay under the name kgedge. There's some Smiths items in there. A few live vinyl albums, some German coloured vinyl. Nothing earth shattering, but I've tried to price my items lower than other sellers...
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    "The Queen Is Dead" single released (UK, June 16, 2017)

    Which mix of I Keep Mine Hidden did they use on the picture disc? The standard mix or the alternate mix that turned up in the Complete box a few years back?
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    2016 Canadian Tour

    With Morrissey, who knows? He plays places like Flint, MI so why not Halifax or Winnipeg? The Smiths rehearsed for five days (and played a show) in London, ON to prepare for their final North American tour in 1986. I say this even though I doubt the tour is true. The only way the Winnipeg...
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    Johnny Marr Live LP - Adrenaline Baby - Pink Vinyl?

    I want to pick this up but I am trying to figure out if I buy it on release from Amazon UK if I will get the pink vinyl pressing with the poster or just the standard black vinyl LP. The JM site doesn't make it entirely clear. Just wondering if I need to go through one of the independents to get...
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    Where's all the vinyl collectors

    I have the French "There is a Light" 45.
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    Smiths/Morrissey There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Promo Publishing on Ebay

    Yes, this is my auction.
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    'Morrissey in Quotes' Rare 1988 Book for £75.00 (40% Off Original Price)

    I used to have a copy but sold it years back. However, I will tell you about the good bits for just £10.
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    "Your Arsenal" (remastered) released (UK - Feb. 24, 2014; US - Feb. 25)

    Re: TTY - Your Arsenal Remastered album released today UK, tomorrow US What are the chances the DVD in the UK CD/DVD edition is region free/NTSC? Much cheaper via the UK than to purchase here in Canada.
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