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    What is your favorite & least fave on Queen is Dead? New podcast ranks 'em

    What's your most and least favorite song on The Queen is Dead? Brand new podcast ranks all the songs from awful to awfully good. Can't wait to see what YOUR picks are. or wherever you listen to fine podcasts.
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    Morrissey 3 song set in LA between 1997-99?

    I've got two young ladies here who swear they saw Moz at the Greek Theatre around 1997 and he only played three songs before he was mobbed and ended the set. All signs point towards an October 12, 1997 show where he was mobbed during the first song of the encore. Does anyone remember another...
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    Smiths & Morrissey on the top 91X acts of all time (warning: contains silly graphics)

    Counting down the most popular acts of all-time based on the year-end countdowns of San Diego radio station 91X on my music page and announced Moz at #22 today. The Smiths were at #44. If I'd combined their points, it would've put them at #9. Moz songs, tales & chart positions at...
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    A sweet senior citizen ode to Johnny Marr

    It's been awhile since any Cover Me Badd acts (Blasphemous Guitars, Fauxasis, etc) stepped into Morrisseyland. But this weekend in San Diego, the elderly Geezer played with a rock & roll outfit called The Sweet & Tender Hooligans. Besides doing most of our set in bad Spanish, we offered up a...
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